ATA Nominating and Leadership Committee

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Nominating and Leadership Development Committee

Committee Objective

Only individuals with Active membership status may hold Association office or serve on the Board of Directors. The Nominating and Leadership Development Committee is appointed by the ATA Board of Directors to build a database of potential candidates and recruit a slate of qualified candidates to stand for election.

The Nominating and Leadership Development Committee is asked to do the following:
  • identify and evaluate eligible ATA members with leadership experience and an interest in serving;
  • develop and propose a slate of candidates to the Association's Board of Directors; and
  • receive additional nominations within 30 calendar days after the publication of the slate, when accompanied by written acceptance of the nominee and a petition endorsed by the signatures of at least 35 voting members.

For more information about Association governance, members can review the ATA's Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, and Board of Directors Meeting Minutes.

For the contact information of current Board members, click on ATA Board of Directors.