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ATA Elections 2013

Candidates Announced
ATA Election | 2013 Annual Conference | San Antonio, Texas

ATA will hold its regularly scheduled election at the upcoming 2013 ATA Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas, to elect a president-elect, secretary, treasurer, and three directors. Further nominations, supported by acceptance statements in writing by each additional nominee and a written petition signed by no fewer than 60 voting members, must be received by the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee by July 20. Acceptance statements and petitions may be faxed to the chair of the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee, Jiri Stejskal, in care of ATA Headquarters at (703) 683-6122. Candidate statements and photos of the candidates will appear in the September issue of The ATA Chronicle and on ATA’s website. The candidates proposed by the Nominating and Leadership Development Committee are:

President-elect (two-year term):
David Rumsey

Secretary (two-year term):
Boris Silversteyn

Treasurer (two-year term):
Ted Wozniak

Director (three positions, three-year terms):
Evelyn Yang Garland
Rudy Heller
Jonathan Hine
Jane Maier
Emily Tell
Rosalie Wells