Assem Alkhallouf


I am a focused translator, gifted interpreter, impressive voice actor, and dedicated lecturer, with a master’s degree in Arabic/English Interpreting and a first-class honours PhD in Linguistics and Translation, offering 13+ years of comprehensive experience.

During the master’s program in English/Arabic interpreting at the Higher Institute of Translation & Interpretation at Damascus University in 2012, I translated and edited several English books, novels, and short stories into Arabic.

After earning my master’s degree, I worked as a senior English/Arabic translator and reviewer at Future Group until 2016, translating more than a million words between English and Arabic.

Since 2017, I have translated more than 4 million words, working as a freelance translator for many translation agencies, including Babel Translation (Saudi Arabia), MedadTrans (Egypt), Locadifferent (Egypt), Straker (NZ), World Translation (UK), Mars Translation (CN), Global Translation Services (UK), Pangeanic (SP), Fluent Translations (CA), Maximum Translations (DE), Tradulop (SP), Centrumlingua (LT), Interlingua (SP), Glocal Media (UK), Eriksen (USA), and RWS (UK).

In 2021, I received my PhD in Linguistics and Translation with first-class Honours. Since then, I have been working as a senior translator, LQA reviewer, and linguistic consultant for several translation agencies worldwide.

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Business - Advertising & public relationsBusiness - Economics & financeBusiness - MarketingBusiness - Printing & publishingBusiness - Travel & tourismComputers - Computer hardwareComputers - Software localizationEntertainment - MultimediaIndustry & Technology - EnergyIndustry & Technology - Military & weaponsIndustry & Technology - Petroleum, natural gas, & coalIndustry & Technology - TransportationLaw - ContractsLaw - Corporate lawLaw - Personal injury lawLaw - Tax lawMedicine - Health careMedicine - NutritionNatural Sciences - Ecology & environmental science

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