Brian Ross


Conference Interpreter (simultaneous and consecutive interpretation)

Master’s degree in Interpretation and Translation from the Monterey Institute of International Studies (1993)

Federally Certified Court Interpreter (Spanish) --a test that has only a 5% pass rate.
Federally Professionally Qualified in Portuguese.


English A
Spanish Very strong active B
Portuguese Very strong active B

I have U.S. Government “Top Secret” clearance.

I have passed the U.S. State Department conference interpretation exam in Portuguese and Spanish. This exam is the de facto gold standard for skills assessment for the highest level of diplomatic and technical interpretation, with an emphasis on speed, accuracy, register and ease and creativity of linguistic expression. It is used as a proxy for skill level throughout government and the military, as well as by many Washington-based international organizations that don’t conduct their own in-house skills testing.
I am regularly called upon by the State Department Office of Language Services to design, evaluate and grade these very tests, offered to candidates seeking to work at the highest levels as contractors for the State Department.

Language Pairs

- Portuguese - Brazilian
- Spanish
Portuguese - Brazilian
- English
Portuguese - Brazilian
- Spanish
Portuguese - European
- English
- English
- Portuguese - Brazilian

Translating Services


Translating - Areas of Specialization

Business - Accounting & auditingBusiness - Advertising & public relationsBusiness - BankingBusiness - Economics & financeBusiness - InsuranceBusiness - Labor RelationsBusiness - MarketingBusiness - Shipping & maritimeIndustry & Technology - AgricultureIndustry & Technology - EnergyIndustry & Technology - Military & weaponsIndustry & Technology - Mining & mineralsIndustry & Technology - TelecommunicationsIndustry & Technology - TransportationLaw - Banking & financial lawLaw - ContractsLaw - Corporate lawLaw - Patents, trademarks, & copyrightsMedicine - Health careMedicine - NutritionMedicine - PharmaceuticalsNatural Sciences - BiologyNatural Sciences - Ecology & environmental scienceNatural Sciences - Microbiology, bacteriology, & virologyNatural Sciences - Zoology & entomology

Interpreting Methods

In-personOver-the-phone interpreting (OPI)Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI)Video remote interpreting (VRI)Whispered interpreting (chuchotage)

Interpreting Services


ATA Divisions

Portuguese Language DivisionSpanish Language Division

Interpreter Credentials

Federal Court Interpreter Certification

Translator, Interpreter



Primary Phone

(202) 236-5709


Capitol Heights
United States

Years in Business

6 - 10 Years

Education Level