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In addition to be professional ChineseEnglish interpreter/translator, Garry Guan is also a State of Georgia certified mediator. He established A-A Language service (AALS), an Asian American Media Group, Inc. company, in 1993, AALS is one of the leading translation and interpreting agencies in the Southeastern United States, providing fast, extremely high quality and reasonably priced language services. AALS is comprehensive solutions provider and can handle highly complicated and technical requirements, from DTP in all major programs in both P.C. and Mac environment to voiceover and subtitling. With its owner's strong cultural anthropological education and career background, AALS offers clients not only the highest quality translation, but also detailed nuances pertinent to the culture of target readers. Supported by fonts & tools for more than 2,200 languages, AALS covers almost all Asian and African languages and other rare and hard-to-find tribal and ethnic minority languages across the globe. More than 60 percent of AALS projects are supporting other translation agencies worldwide as their reliable partner and back office.

Here are three major strengths that we can offer translation agencies & LSPs:

1. Rare and hard-to-find languages:
We have gained a worldwide reputation among translation agencies that we are capable of locating most difficult language resources and talents. Many times, solve the problem for agencies with the languages they have never heard of before, especially the tribal languages in Asia, Africa and Latin America and East Europe, such as Mienh, Yi, Twi, Fon, Quechua, Uduk, and Ufia, etc.

2. Complicated technical delivery requirements:
We are capable of providing solutions for most complicated and challenging technical request, such as putting Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic in the GTE Airfone LCD with extremely limited resolution, or providing fax-on-demand files in multiple languages for CDC International travel advisory center. No matter how strange the request may be, if there is a solution, AALS can find it!

3. Extremely Rush Job with Huge Volumes:
We are capable of assembling large team to tackle extremely huge volume jobs in an very short time. In March of this year, we received a request from a translation company based in Dublin, Ireland, on a Wednesday noon, asking about translating 30 documents from 5 different languages into U.S. English with total word estimate over 150,000 words and deliver the translation before closing time on Friday of the same week! That is only barely two days!! We took the challenge and got it done for their client.

Garry Guan has an active Secret Clearance from U.S. Department of Defense.

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- Japanese
- Somali

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