Henrique Mello


Technical translations as an Engineer( Civil, Sanitary, Environmental & Oil); Business administration ( banking and industry); systems analist ( computer)- resume as follows:

CEDAE (RJ - Brazil) – Water Company – Project Engineer and Head of Planning Division (1965-1975)
SB Consulting Engineering (RJ - Brazil) – Technical Director (Oil & Industrial Design)– (1968-1975)
FEEMA (RJ - Brazil) – State Environmental Agency - Chief of Staff (1975-1979)
BANERJ (RJ- Brazil) – State Bank – Director of Planning and Comptroller (1979-1982)
KLABIN Ceramics (RJ-Brazil) – Superintendent Director (1982-1983)
Extra Import-Export (RJ-Brazil) – Director (1983-1989)
M. Tenenbaum Real Estate and Construction Co - Director (RJ-Brazil - 1983-1989)
Ellis International (Florida – USA) – President (1989-present)

 Translation of documents (in house and as a freelance translator) as an engineer in the following areas: commercial agreements, engineering standards, computer manuals (software and hardware), loan documents, technical specifications, export and import documents.
 Technical areas of expertise in engineering: civil and sanitary engineering, environment, oil and industrial design.
 Freelance translation services for over 40 agencies and companies in the US and Brazil.
 Consecutive interpretation supporting technical and commercial negotiations

Honors Graduate Rio de Janeiro Pontifical Catholic University (RJ - Brazil), Engineering School - M.S., Civil Engineering and Structural Design
São Carlos University (SP – Brazil), Engineering School - Sanitary Engineering Design
University of North Carolina, School of Public Health (NC - USA) - Specialization in Sanitary Engineering Projects and Environmental Control
Clemson University, Department of Computer Science (SC – USA) - Advanced studies on dynamic computer analysis
Additional education includes IBM computer programming, Instrumentation and Telemetering, Sanitary and Environmental Control courses and seminars (in Brazil and in the USA)

IBM PC with Fax Modem – Office 2003, Adobe Pagemaker 6.5, Adobe Photoshop 5.0, Corel Draw 8, TRADOS 6.0
High Speed Internet Access

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Business - BankingBusiness - Economics & financeBusiness - MarketingComputers - Computer systems analysisEngineering - Civil & hydraulic engineeringEngineering - Petroleum engineeringIndustry & Technology - Building & constructionIndustry & Technology - Petroleum, natural gas, & coalLaw - Banking & financial lawLaw - ContractsLaw - Corporate law

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