Jenny Kwa


I provide service in Interpreting and translating between Indonesian and English languages since 2011 in-person, OPI, VRI, and Remote. My base is in Erdenheim, PA about 30 minutes to/from downtown Philadelphia. I formally trained in a Court/Legal Interpretation program with Delaware School of Law, which has been a tremendous, fruitful labor of teamwork between the school and Pennsylvania Court in supporting Interpreters. I travel efficiently for any kind of Interpreting project since 2015. Most of my work has been in legal and court cases, including Immigration courts/Federal nationwide. I have gained multiple, and various settings as well in Medical Interpretation, while conference, escort, biz are on a slower pace. My work style is practical with adaptability, and swift response is guaranteed. I switched back and forth consecutive, simultaneous, whispering modes anytime under circumstances needed to convey the message accurately. Should you not hesitate to contact me with any question to: My LinkedIn profile is @Jenny Kwa. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

Language Pairs

- Indonesian
- English

Translating Services


Translating - Areas of Specialization

Business - Hotel managementBusiness - Labor RelationsBusiness - MarketingBusiness - Travel & tourismEntertainment - FilmEntertainment - MultimediaEntertainment - MusicEntertainment - Television & radioEntertainment - TheaterIndustry & Technology - CosmeticsIndustry & Technology - EnergyIndustry & Technology - Textiles & fashionIndustry & Technology - TransportationLaw - Banking & financial lawLaw - ContractsLaw - Corporate lawLaw - Patents, trademarks, & copyrightsLaw - Personal injury lawLaw - Tax lawMedicine - Anatomy & physiologyMedicine - DentistryMedicine - GeneticsMedicine - Health careMedicine - ImmunologyMedicine - Instruments, medicalMedicine - Nontraditional medicineMedicine - NutritionMedicine - PharmaceuticalsMedicine - PsychiatryMedicine - RadiologyMedicine - ToxicologyNatural Sciences - BiochemistryNatural Sciences - BiologyNatural Sciences - BotanyNatural Sciences - Ecology & environmental scienceNatural Sciences - ForestryNatural Sciences - GeologyNatural Sciences - GeophysicsNatural Sciences - Microbiology, bacteriology, & virologyNatural Sciences - OceanographyNatural Sciences - Zoology & entomologyPure Sciences - AstronomyPure Sciences - Physical sciences

Interpreting Methods

In-personOver-the-phone interpreting (OPI)Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI)Video remote interpreting (VRI)Whispered interpreting (chuchotage)

Interpreting Services


ATA Divisions

Audiovisual DivisionGovernment DivisionInterpreters DivisionLanguage Technology DivisionLaw DivisionLiterary DivisionMedical DivisionScience & Technology DivisionTranslation Company Division

Translator, Interpreter



Primary Phone

(215) 380-3005


United States

Years in Business

6 - 10 Years

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