Karen Grohol


Karen, a native of Brazil, has an extensive international living and travel experience, that has allowed her not only to have a deep cultural and international awareness and experience, but also the opportunity to speak and understand several languages. In addition to living in the US and Brazil, both as a child and as an adult, she has also lived in Italy, Czech Republic and Germany. She has developed and interest in understanding how languages came to exist and evolved, how history, geography and time have had an impact on them. This led her to also be interested in the art of translation and interpretation.

After graduating from one of the top law schools in Brazil, Karen started working together with an English‚ÜîPortuguese certified translator from Brazil. With a 15+ years of experience in the area of translating, she is also currently the only qualified Portuguese‚ÜîEnglish court interpreter for the State of Michigan. Her experience in interpreting also includes interpreting in the medical and general fields.

‚ÄãTranslating and interpreting involve much more than just knowing the words in both languages, but also a deeper understanding about the context in which they are used. With that in mind, Karen is continuously investing in furthering her education. On top of her law degree, Karen also has a Bachelor of Sciences in Psychology and an enriched minor in Business Administration. She has attended Education and German courses at the University of Wyoming, Law and Psychology courses at Harvard and biomedical related courses at the local college, including Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology and Microbiology.

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- Portuguese - Brazilian
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- Portuguese - Brazilian
Portuguese - Brazilian
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