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Education, training, and teambuilding are the heart of what I do. I train medical interpreters and educate healthcare workers about how to work with interpreters. If you are looking for translation assistance, I also translate medical documents from Spanish-to-English for patients and their healthcare providers.

The value professional interpreters bring to a medical encounter is hard to describe. If you are looking for education on medical interpreting to improve your language services department I can help you by training your interpreters and healthcare staff.

Depending on the training you need, we can work together to promote team building through in person or virtual workshops. The trainings will be tailored to your personal career goals as a medical interpreter. If you are looking for training for a larger group, I will work with you to create personalized medical interpreter training to meet your team’s needs.

Hospital systems with certified interpreters are leaders in language access. They are more likely to achieve better healthcare outcomes for all their patients, even diverse populations that have limited English proficiency. With the right training and education you could be a leader in this field.

I have been a medical interpreter for 16 years and a Licensed Interpreter Trainer for six years. During that time I have worked with numerous interpreters to help them get certified and improve their interpreting skills. I have also worked with medical students and physicians to provide training on how to work with a medical interpreter and incorporate them as part of the medical team.

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