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Hi, I'm Roland Galibert, a certified German-to-English translator, software developer and owner of Informatik Translations, a provider of accurate, well-written English translations of IT documentation in German.

I specialize in translating documents which require expert knowledge in any field which relates to information technology, whether it's a detailed administration guide for configuring your firewall on Windows and Linux, customer-facing website text for your cloud solution or coding guidelines for your corporation.

And as a software developer, I use the tools you use so I can start working on your documentation immediately, even if it's only available in a specific format (e.g. HTML, LaTeX, etc.) or requires special tools for access (e.g. Oxygen, OmegaT, Github, command line, etc.)

My qualifications at a glance:

  • ‚Ä¢ Certified German-to-English translator since 2007

  • ‚Ä¢ Full stack web developer (AWS, PHP/Laravel, Ruby on Rails)

  • ‚Ä¢ Master's degree in software engineering (Harvard), B.A. in English (Williams)

Please visit my website at where you'll find references from satisfied clients, sample translations and a list of my current projects. Even better, drop me an email at to discuss your business and translation needs and how Informatik Translations can help you in that regard.

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