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I have been translating, proofreading and editing for almost 40 years now. I have worked for different publishing companies and have much experience in the Desktop Publishing field. I translate all kinds of documents (I’ve even translated a few books) and typeset them, and on occasions have done the job of a graphic designer when necessary for the client. I consider myself equally competent when translating, be it English into Spanish or Spanish into English. I am also a consecutive and simultaneous interpreter for the medical and religious fields. I worked 7 years as an ad hoc interpreter, and 9 years as remote translator for the Johns Hopkins Hospital, and since in this country the need is usually for English into Spanish work, that is what I found myself doing the most. But again, I consider myself equally capable either way. I would like to add that my passion is simultaneous interpreting. If I would have to select a favorite aspect of my job as a whole, it would, without hesitation, be the interpreting part. Having said that, since becoming a medical translator, my love of translation has been renewed. I love how challenging the work is and the very specialized skill set it requires me to have.
My job experience is vast and quite eclectic. I've worked for World Vision, when still a teenager, as host and escort at international conventions held in Guatemala, for the Board of Discipleship in Nashville, United Methodist Communications in Nashville, Randall House Publications in Nashville, ETA in Illinois to name a few. I've translated all kinds of documents from a medical paper on cochlear implants to songs for a Nashville songwriter. I've done so many different things it is hard to remember. My studies were in the Tourism/Hospitality Business field and have provided me with a well rounded, general education.
As the granddaughter of a former Ambassador of Guatemala and one who grew up in a bilingual environment, languages have always been an integral part of my life, so the symbiosis of translation/interpretation and profession came to me quite naturally.

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