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Verbatim Language Services, Inc (VLS), offers language services coast-to-coast throughout the USA and beyond. EDUCATION: Verbatim offers on-site or virtual ASL Interpreting, PSE Sign Language Interpreting, SEE Sign Language Interpreting on a single-assignment basis, short-term basis (less than a semester) or long-term basis (full semester or longer) for educational facilities. VLS also offers Interpreting Services on-site, by video or by telephone in many spoken languages (225 at present), most often available 24/7/365.

MEDICAL: VLS offers Medical Interpreting Services for all medical specialties (including PT, OT and VT ), on-site, by video or by telephone in many spoken languages, most often available 24/7/365. This includes the various forms of Sign Language, Workman's Compensation cases and Interpreting for Insurance Carriers.

LAW: VLS offers Legal Interpreting Services by Federal/State Courtroom Certified Interpreters and/or Legal-Qualified Interpreters for on-site, virtual or telephonic Interpreting for many legal specialties.

COMMUNITY: VLS has a large team of Interpreters that tend to the many subsets of Community Interpreting, available on-site, by video or by telephone.

CONFERENCE: VLS' Simultaneous Interpreters are available for Conference Interpreting within the USA.

PROFESSIONAL INTERPRETER SUPPORT: VLS maintains its own educational system to keep Professional Interpreters updated on current trends.

TRANSLATION: VLS offers translation services of written materials in more than 100 languages at competitive rates and short turn-around times.

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