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A professional translator/interpreter begins with the theoretical knowledge of languages and the art of translation. This essential foundation was laid in me when I was receiving M.A. degree in the South Federal University of Russia. Until the forth semester when my dean started recommending me for small interpretation projects, I did not realize how thrilling and satisfying is to build a reliable bridge which makes cross-cultural communication possible. I began my career with practicing oral translations for various delegations (religious, sport and medicine related, restaurant business, and general sightseeing). My first long term position (9 months) as a translator I obtained at the software development company the year I was graduating from the university. After I moved to the USA I had my degree evaluated and accredited as an American M.A. in linguistics with specialization in translation/interpretation. It has been seven years since I have joined a freelancing community of translators. It took me a few years to determine that financial, stock market, and business fields are my strongest areas of production. My largest contract was 400,000 words. I also feel confident translating medical and legal texts. However, if there is time for research I accept projects from different fields. It is always fascinating to learn something new and open horizons for myself. A certain part of my time is dedicated to proofreading. My motto in proofreading is “To make a comment is about the matter of a mistake, not about the matter of preference.” I believe that for an inquisitive linguist there is no occupation that is more enticing than translation and interpretation.

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