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Déjà Vu Discount Deals for ATA Members

ATA members can save 30% on Déjà Vu's DVX3 Professional and Workgroup licenses.

From alignment, analysis, translation, proofreading to quality assurance, you can do it all in Déjà Vu—no add-ons required. An intuitive and straightforward user interface is designed to give newcomers a quick start. Take a look!

  • Déjà Vu X3 Professional: A power solution for translators. This CAT tool combines a user-friendly and no-nonsense interface with game-changing features such as DeepMiner and AutoWrite.

  • Déjà Vu X3 Workgroup: All the functionalities of Déjà Vu X3 Professional in a Workgroup CAT tool. Ensure teamwork by sharing your resources and splitting workload, even between non Déjà Vu users.

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Terms of the offer
The offer is for 30% off a license for Déjà Vu's DVX3 Professional or DVX3 Workgroup. The discount can only be claimed once. It is limited to current ATA members.

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If you're ready to take advantage of this Déjà Vu offer, please complete the request form below. You will receive an email with instructions to claim the discount once your ATA membership has been confirmed.


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