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Jersey City, New Jersey · Hyatt Regency · May 2-4, 2003

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Tamara D. Barile

Louis Beaudoin

Javier F. Becerra

Marina Braun

Maria Chaves De Mello

Ricardo Chiesa

Henry Saint Dahl

Silvana Debonis

Brian Fish

Alejandro M. Garro

Daniel Giglio

Luis Pérez González

Steve Kahaner

Carol Lagler-Kolusheva

Thomas B. Mann II

Margaret Marks

Joe McClinton

Gabriela Meilij-Romero

Vikki M. Rogers

Vera Scarpinella

Robert L. Smith

Sandro Tomasi

Igor Vesler

Teresa S. Waldes

Georganne Weller

Thomas L. West III



Tamara D. Barile received a B.A. in Economics in 1974 from Fundação Santo André (São Paulo, Brazil)and has worked as a certified public translator in the State of São Paulo since 1980. She is accredited by Junta Comercial do Estado de São Paulo (commercial registry for the State of São Paulo) for English, French, and Portuguese and worked for multinational corporations including Chrysler, McKee, and Solvay Group in Brazil as executive secretary and translator from 1972-1978. She has experience in corporate and legal texts (including deeds of formation, mergers and acquisitions, financial statements, legal deeds), newsletters and corporate communications (texts involving creative writing), and court interpreting. She speaks English and French into Brazilian Portuguese and holds membership in ATPIESP (association of certified public translators in the State of São Paulo) and ATA. (back to top)


Louis Beaudoin earned a civil law degree at the Université de Sherbrooke (Canada) and studied common law at the Université de Moncton, translation at Concordia University, in Montréal, and linguistics at the Université de Sherbrooke. A jurilinguist and legal translator for the past twenty years, he taught legal translation in the Master's Program offered by the University of Ottawa's School of Translation and Interpretation. He has also taught courses in legal drafting and terminology to English and French speaking lawyers and judges. He has designed courses in drafting legal decisions for the Canadian judiciary and has contributed to numerous reviews and publications, particularly the Juridictionnaire, a work examining the difficulties and resources of legal French. He and his colleague, Madeleine Mailhot, authored Expressions juridiques en un clin d'œil (Legal Expressions in a Wink), a bilingual work examining co-occurrents in legal discourse. The second edition of this best seller amongst jurists and legal translators was released last year. He also recently published an analogical legal lexicon entitled Les mots du droit (Legal Thesaurus). Intended for translators and language professionals working in a bilingual English-French context, this book presents a series of French equivalents based on common terms culled from the English legal vocabulary that present particular difficulties due to their polysemous character. (back to top)


Javier F. Becerra is senior partner of Basham, Ringe, and Correa, S.C. and instructor of the Legal Translation Workshop (English-Spanish) at the Escuela Libre de Derecho (The Free School of Law) in Mexico City where he obtained a law degree in 1967. He received a diploma in comparative legal studies from the University of Cambridge (Trinity College) in England. He joined the Mexico City law firm of Basham, Ringe, y Correa in 1970 and became a partner in 1978. His area of expertise includes mergers and acquisitions, cross-border contract law, private international law, corporate law, antitrust, foreign investments, joint ventures, bank lending activities, securities, in-bond manufacturing operations, and comparative law. He has also written various articles in specialized legal publications and has been an invited lecturer at the Escuela Libre de Derecho and at several national and international conferences on legal topics. His publications include Dictionary of Mexican Legal Terminology (Spanish-English), Escuela Libre de Derecho, 1999. (back to top)


Marina Braun, Ph.D. is a linguist, specializing in cross-cultural communication, foreign-language teaching, and the theory of translation. She is a court certified interpreter in Oregon and Washington. Her numerous publications include The English-Russian Dictionary of American Criminal Law (Greenwood Press, 1998) and Teaching Effective Communication in English (Moscow, Visshaya Shkola, 1991). She studied at the Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages in Moscow, Russia, Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma. At present, she works as an independent contractor providing translation and interpreting and cultural consulting. She also teaches workshops on translation and interpreting. (back to top)


Maria Chaves De Mello is a Brazilian lawyer and a member of the OAB (Brazilian Bar Association) and the IAB (Brazilian Lawyers Institute). She received the degree of Doctor of Jurisprudence in 1982 from the State of Rio de Janeiro University. From 1978 to 1982, she worked at several American companies in Brazil translating legal terms. During that time, she compiled a stock of bilingual legal words that subsequently became the first Portuguese<>English legal dictionary ever published. Her Law Dictionary was first published in 1984 and, since then, seven Brazilian and three Portuguese editions have been issued. From 1982 to 1994, she worked as a manager for Barrister's Editora, a Brazilian publisher specializing in legal works. In 1994, she founded her own law office in Rio de Janeiro and currently practices in the fields of family, successions, and real estate law. (back to top)


Ricardo Chiesa was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, where he obtained his degrees as certified translator and attorney-at-law in 1985. For 17 years he has worked as a freelance translator (English<>Spanish) specializing in law, business, and corporate management. His clients include American Management Association, Pan-American Surety Association, John Wyeth Laboratories, and Sempra Energy International, as well as various governmental agencies and first-class law firms. His experience in university teaching and professional development includes positions as full professor of English Translation IV and lecturer of English Language III (Anglo-American law) at the School of Translation Studies, University of Buenos Aires. Since 2000, he has been director of the Post-Graduate Course in Legal English and Common Law for Civil-Law Lawyers taught at Universidad Austral, Buenos Aires. He has conducted more than 80 seminars, workshops, and courses on legal translation, general translation theory and practice, and comparative law at various educational institutions in Argentina, such as the University of Córdoba and the University of Comahue, where he has also chaired committees for the selection of teachers and instructors for the Translation Course of Study. He is currently a consultant to, an Argentine website for teachers of English, translators, and interpreters. (back to top)


Henry Saint Dahl was born in Argentina where he obtained the following degrees from Buenos Aires University: Translator (English and French), Lawyer (Abogado), and a Ph.D. in Law. He also obtained a Master of Laws from London University. He studied at Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) University as a stazhor, specializing in East-West trade. He is admitted to practice in Buenos Aires, Madrid, New York, Texas, and Puerto Rico. He works as an international attorney dividing his time into litigation, business law, teaching, and writing. He is the author of six books and nearly 40 articles on international and comparative law, published in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America. Among his books, the following legal dictionaries can be found: Dahl's Law Dictionary (Spanish and English), N.Y. third edition, 1999; Dahl's Law Dictionary (French and English), N.Y. and Paris, second edition, 2001; West's Law Dictionary of International Law and Commerce in Five Languages, English to German, Spanish, French, and Italian. Since 1986, he has been teaching a course on comparative business law in Paris and has been a full-time law professor in the U.S., lecturing on comparative law, Soviet law, Latin American law, and conflict of laws. As an attorney, he has represented foreign nations, and has pleaded before the Paris Court of Appeals, the Ecuadorian Constitutional Court, and courts in other countries. He presently has a case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court. (back to top)


Silvana Debonis holds a degree in translation (English<>Spanish) from the Universidad Católica de Buenos Aires. She has been working in the business and financial field since she graduated. She has translated for financial institutions, multinational companies, and the Ministry of Economy of Argentina. She has taught legal translation at the Universidad Católica and Universidad del Salvador. Since 1996, she has been training professionals in business, accounting, and financial terminology at the Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Association of Sworn Translators of Buenos Aires) and at the Consejo Profesional de Ciencias Económicas de Capital Federal (Association of Public Accountants of Capital Federal) in Argentina. She teaches the course Commercial II in the New York University Online Translation Certificate Program. Her English<>Spanish glossary was published in October 2002. (back to top)


Brian Fish has served as the translation coordinator for Finnegan, Henderson LLP (a large intellectual property firm based in Washington D.C.) for over 13 years. Serving the firm as both a translator (Japanese and French) and a manager who coordinates wide-ranging translation projects, he knows the translation trade firsthand and has ample experience hiring and working with translators. He earned a B.A. in international relations from Dickinson College and subsequently lived and studied in Japan. He has also lived in Italy and England. He currently studies Mandarin Chinese and teaches Japanese language and business etiquette to firm employees. (back to top)


Alejandro M. Garro is adjunct professor of law at Columbia University and senior research scholar of the Parker School of Foreign and Comparative Law. He was born and educated in Argentina where he received his law degree and practiced law. He pursued graduate legal studies in the U.S. where he has been teaching since 1981. He received the degree of Abogado from the National University of La Plata (Argentina), Master of Law (LL.M.) from Louisiana State University School of Law, and the degree of Doctor of Law (J.S.D.) from Columbia University. He is admitted to practice law in Buenos Aires, Madrid, and New York. He taught at Louisiana State University as assistant professor of law in the areas of comparative law and secured transactions. From 1983 to 1985, he joined the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law as collaborateur scientifique and has taught as a visiting professor at various universities in Europe and Latin America. He joined Columbia Law School in 1981, where he has been teaching in the areas of comparative law with an emphasis on various aspects of Latin American legal systems. (back to top)


Daniel Giglio, J.D., M.A., born in Argentina, received his Juris Doctor and his Legal Translator (Traductor Público) degrees from the University of Buenos Aires. He also holds a Master in Conference Interpretation (Spanish<>English) from the Monterey Institute of International Studies (Monterey, CA) where he was a teaching assistant for the 1999 Summer Intensive Preparation for Translation and Interpretation Program. He was an adjunct professor (1993-1998 and 2000-2001) at Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) Legal Translation Program, where he taught a core course in legal translation for eight years. He was also a visiting instructor at the Department of Hispanic Studies, Wheaton College in Wheaton, MA (1993). He works as a freelance interpreter for a number of international organizations, such as the Inter-American Development Bank, the Inter-American Defense Board, the Organization of American States and the Inter-American Defense College as well as for private market clients, such as CNN en Español, where he regularly provides freelance translation and simultaneous interpretation services. He is currently preparing a compilation of U.S. idioms and their equivalents in River Plate Castilian Spanish. (back to top)


Luis Pérez González is a lecturer in Legal and Financial Translation at Universidad Europea de Madrid. His main academic interests include conversation analysis, research into different discourse and genre issues applied to translation studies and, more broadly, forensic linguistics. He has also published articles on the use of new technologies in the field of translation, computer-mediated communication, and the language of the law. He is a practicing freelance translator in the fields of legal and financial translation and, in recent years, has worked as an external translator for the European Parliament, the Inter-American Investment Corporation, the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, and the World Trade Organization. (back to top)


Steve Kahaner is the vice president and general counsel of Marste & Co., Inc., and the executive director of Juriscribe®, a division of Marste & Co. specializing in corporate and legal translations. He is an attorney with over 10 years of experience working in the corporate, international, and Latin American departments of several major New York law firms, as well as in Spain. He is a long-time member of the Inter-American Affairs Committee of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, has chaired several of its sub-committees, and has recently been appointed to the Association's International Dispute Resolution Committee. He has also published numerous articles analyzing the laws of various Latin American countries and Spain. In the academic realm, he is a subject matter expert for New York University's Center for Foreign Languages and Translation, teaching Spanish>English legal translation. He also has been a member of the board of directors of several non-profit associations. A graduate of Tufts University, he received his law degree from the National Law Center of George Washington University and a diploma in advanced international legal studies from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law in Salzburg, Austria. He is licensed to practice law in New York and Connecticut. (back to top)

Carol Lagler-Kolusheva received a B.A. (Honors) in European Literature and Linguistics in 1975 from the University of East Anglia (England) and an M.A. in Specialized and Technical Translation in 2000 from the University of Westminster, London (England). She had previously worked in several international investment banks including Goldman Sachs and Salomon Brothers as an executive assistant and coordinator for translation projects in the corporate finance department. She worked as a freelancer, translating both legal and financial texts from French, Spanish, and Italian into English, until September 2002 when she joined CLS Communication Ltd., in London, a subsidiary of CLS Corporate Language Services A.G., in Switzerland. She currently works as both client relationship manager and translator and is actively developing the company's legal team. (back to top)


Thomas B. Mann II is an attorney who practiced international business law with a corporate law firm in Chicago from 1987 to 1992. He received his J.D. from American University in Washington, D.C. and a Master of Laws (LL.M.) from the Universität Heidelberg. He is president of Translegal Inc., a New York corporation, and executive vice-president of the Translegal Group that is based in Europe and has over 30 full-time staff lawyers who translate legal documents and teach comparative law seminars. (back to top)


Margaret Marks is a freelance German to English legal translator, originally from London, England, who lives in Fürth in Franconia, Germany. For 20 years, she taught legal translation and interpreting at the Institut für Fremdsprachen in Erlangen. She has a Ph.D. in German literature and is qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales. She is a certified translator for the Bavarian courts. (back to top)


Joe McClinton has been a professional translator of German, French, Italian, and Spanish>English for over 25 years and currently specializes in legal, financial, and public-relations texts, as well as general-readership texts in the arts, history, and earth science. He taught German>English translation for seven years at the Monterey Institute of International Studies and has written and currently teaches an online course in German>English legal translation for New York University. He has also produced some 20 published translations of books and interactive CD-ROMs from French and Italian. His translation of Vincent Courtillot's Evolutionary Catastrophes was published by Cambridge University Press in 1999 and he was the lead English translator for the onsite exhibits at the Vulcania volcanological park in the French Massif Central, under the editorship of an international team of volcanologists. (back to top)


Gabriela Meilij-Romero is an ATA-accredited translator, English>Spanish and is certified in California as an Administrative Hearing Interpreter. She earned a law degree from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) where she worked as an attorney and legal consultant at different times. She is the author of Vocabulario Legal y Empresario, a legal and business terms dictionary (English>Spanish). Her work as a specialized legal translator and interpreter spans over 25 years. Currently she works in Boston as a freelance Spanish translator and interpreter in administrative proceedings, union negotiations, conferences, depositions, and anti-discrimination cases. (back to top)


Vikki M. Rogers is an associate at Shearman & Sterling. She recently transferred from the Frankfurt, Germany office where she practiced international commercial arbitration to her current practice in New York where she is devoted to a mixture of international commercial arbitration and commercial litigation. She is an adjunct law professor at Pace University School of Law, teaching international commercial transactions, as well as a fellow of the Institute of International Law at Pace University. Her professional activities include published articles and presentations on various international sales law topics, including a presentation before the CISG Interpretative Council entitled The Importance of Uniform Terminology in International Sales Law. She is currently a member of the New York Bar Association, International Law and Practice Section; International Bar Association; London Court of International Arbitration, Young International Arbitration Group; Swiss Arbitration Association, Young Arbitrators Group. She is a graduate of Syracuse University and Pace University School of Law (international law concentration). She was also awarded a Master of Environmental Law from Vermont Law School. (back to top)


Vera Scarpinella is an assistant professor in administrative law at Pontificial Catholic University of São Paulo Law School (Brazil). She also teaches administrative law at the Brazilian Society of Public Law where she is the current executive coordinator. She has a degree from the Pontificial Catholic University of São Paulo Law School (1997) where she also won the prize for best law student of the year. She served as a researcher at Columbia University Law School (2000) and is a member of the Brazilian Bar Association (São Paulo Chapter). She has published numerous articles on administrative law including an article comparing North American administrative law and the Brazilian experience. She participated in the International Visitors Program of the U.S. Department of State "U.S. Judicial System" (2002). (back to top)


Robert L. Smith is a freelance legal and financial translator (French and German>English) based in the Hudson Valley of New York State. He earned an AB degree from Harvard University and a Master in Social Work from Columbia University. During 30 years of employment as a professional social worker, he worked extensively in drug abuse treatment programs and was stationed at a county jail for seven years. He completed a certificate in translation studies at New York University and began working as a translator in 1999. In September 1999, he completed a one-month course in legal French at the University of Grenoble and observed two criminal trials in that city. (back to top)


Sandro Tomasi has been a Spanish-English interpreter and translator since 1991. He is a New York State certified court interpreter and is certified as a medical interpreter by the State of Washington. Since 1997, he has worked for several prosecution offices in New York City as a full-time interpreter where he has also performed extensive work as a forensic transcriber and translator. His work as a linguist in the criminal justice arena has greatly influenced his interest in legal translation. He is currently researching English and Spanish legal terms and has a personal collection of over 70 legal dictionaries and codes at his disposal. He has trained medical and court interpreters for various organizations and, for the past three years, has been leading forensic transcription workshops throughout the U.S. He is chair of the Education Committee and the Alternative Communications Subcommittee for the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT) and has served as chair of NAJIT's Eastern Regional Conference Committee. (back to top)


Igor Vesler is a certified Ukrainian and Russian court interpreter and an ATA-accredited English>Russian translator and has been a freelance Russian and Ukrainian legal and technical translator and interpreter since 1975. From 1973 to 1989, he was a systems analyst and senior research associate of the Information Retrieval Systems Department at the Ukrainian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information (Kyiv, Ukraine). In 1991, he established Diken Research, a translation and information services company, assisting U.S. Government and major U.S. companies and law firms in their projects in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. From 1990 to 2000, he was manager of production and product development for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (New York, NY). (back to top)


Teresa S. Waldes is an ATA-accredited (Spanish>English) freelance translator specializing in law and finance. A native of Spain, she earned college degrees in her native country and the U.S. She is also a graduate of New York University's Translation Studies and Paralegal Studies programs. During a 10-year period she lived and taught in France. Her experience includes working as an in-house translator for a major Wall Street bank and a paralegal for a top New York law firm. She volunteers as proctor and organizer of the ATA accreditation exams in New York City and currently serves as president of the New York Circle of Translators. (back to top)


Georganne Weller holds a Ph.D. in applied linguistics and an M.S. in sociolinguistics from Georgetown University. She has taught specialized courses in translation and interpreting in Brazil, Chile, Delaware, Hawaii, Mexico, and the continental U.S. As a researcher, she has authored some 30 academic articles on diverse subjects of interest to students, colleagues, and linguists. As a practitioner of these fields, she is a certified federal court interpreter. In addition to ATA, she is a member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters, the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators, Colegio Mexicano de Intérpretes de Conferencias, and the Organización Mexicana de Traductores. She is also an active member of several divisions and committees for training and professional enhancement. (back to top)


Thomas L. West III is the president of the American Translators Association. He received his law degree from the University of Virginia Law School in 1990 and practiced corporate and international law with Alston & Bird for five years. In 1995, he founded Intermark Language Services Corporation, a translation company specializing in legal and financial translation. He is the author of the Spanish-English Dictionary of Law and Business and of the Diccionario de siglas y abreviaturas. A frequent speaker on legal translation, he has taught courses on French legal translation at Georgia State University, on Spanish legal translation at the Centro de Estudios de Lingüística Aplicada in Mexico City and the Colegio de Traductores Públicos in Buenos Aires, and on German legal translation for the German Translators Forum in Chicago. In addition to his law degree, he holds a bachelor's degree in French and a master's degree in German and is ATA-accredited for translation from French, Spanish, and German into English. (back to top)