Meghan Konkol

Candidate for Director

I appreciate the opportunity to continue serving on ATA’s Board of Directors. Since joining the Board in 2018, I’ve had the privilege of serving alongside truly remarkable hard-working colleagues, and I look forward to continuing this work if re-elected.

Over the past three years, the issues we’ve addressed on the Board have covered a number of big-picture items for the Association, including membership structure and benefits, certification, and advocacy efforts. Serving on the Board has allowed me to directly impact how ATA supports professional translators and interpreters and educates the public about our skills and services.

Now more than ever, it’s essential that we keep our eyes and minds open so we can respond swiftly and effectively to change—whether it’s learning new skills, adapting to emerging technologies, or advocating for recognition of our professions. If re-elected, I’ll continue to actively listen to members’ concerns and address them through my work on the Board and various committees. I’ll maintain my focus on optimizing the Association’s offerings to ensure ATA remains the go-to support system for all language professionals.

I’ve served on ATA’s Membership Committee since 2018 and became chair in 2020. This committee works to provide a wide range of programs and benefits to encourage member participation and retention and to recruit new members to join ATA. I welcome open discussions with and comments from colleagues, no matter what languages they work in or what stage they’re at in their career. I strive to consider the needs and concerns of ATA’s diverse membership so the Association can adapt to our ever-changing landscape and provide the support that translators and interpreters need most. My work on the Membership Committee includes our recently published e-book, The ATA Guide to Starting Out as a Translator, member orientation sessions, a member benefits video, and an upcoming membership survey to obtain diversity information that will allow ATA to better serve all members.

Since 2011, I’ve served as coordinator of ATA’s School Outreach Program under ATA’s Public Relations Committee. Our recent work includes support for virtual classroom visits, improved resources for presenters, video and podcast promotions, and a livestreamed School Outreach event.

I also serve on ATA’s Governance and Communications Committee. This committee focuses on reviewing ATA policies and procedures to ensure they reflect the realities of the Association and our members. We also work to make sure these policies are communicated clearly to keep members informed.

My strong organizational, communication, and leadership skills are a crucial part of my work serving on ATA’s Board and various committees. I approach decisions and projects with an aim to consider the concerns of all members so ATA can continuously improve its offerings.

It would be an honor to continue serving on the Board. As always, I encourage all ATA members to reach out with any comments or questions about how I can continue addressing your needs as language professionals. Thank you for your consideration.