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Publications Available Through ATA

ATA Translation and Interpreting Compensation Services Survey
Free to ATA members! This industry-wide survey provides a comprehensive picture of the market for translation and interpreting services. The report includes income and pay rate data by type of service, language, specialty, experience, employment status, education, and location. An Executive Summary of the Compensation Survey is available online at no cost. Non-members can purchase from the ATA Website.

Interpreting: Getting it Right
Translation: Getting It Right
These Getting it Right buyers' guides are available online and in print. ATA members may order up to 10 free copies of each to share with their clients. Contact ATA's Membership Services Manager for details.

The ATA Patent Translator's Handbook
A comprehensive guide for both new and experienced patent translators; includes use of translation memory software, overview of the international patent system, management of patent litigation projects, and industry-specific resources.

The ATA Chronicle
The association's premiere journal is published 6 times per year. The Chronicle features industry articles, announcements, reviews, and ATA news. ATA members receive the journal as a benefit of membership. A paid subscription is also available to non-members.

ATA Chronicle-Online
The association's online edition of The ATA Chronicle includes all the articles and columns of the print version as well as bonus features and online extras that are updated in between the issues published in print.

ATA Newsbriefs
A twice-monthly enewsletter reporting on coverage of translation and interpreting in the media. The role translators and interpreters play in a global society is increasingly in the news. This monthly e-newsletter keeps members current on coverage around the world.

ATA Division Newsletters
Get the latest news on Division activities and stay current with language- and specialty-specific information pertinent to your field. How? Just download the latest batch of Division newsletters. Also, be sure to look for archives of past newsletters on each Division's website. These back issues offer a wealth of online information.

A Professional Journey
A history of the American Translators Association from 1959 to 2009.

Translation: Buying a non-commodity
Failed translation projects have one thing in common: time, money and frustration could have been saved if both sides had agreed in advance as to who would do what, when and how. Learn how with a free copy of Translation: Standards for Buying a Non-Commodity.

How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator
Freelancer Corinne McKay offers lessons learned in this indispensable guide to setting up shop. Identifies good business practices, from finding clients to setting rates and collecting payment. Great for new translators and interpreters entering the field as well as for old hands who just want to make their business run better.

The Entrepreneurial Linguist
Learning to think like an entrepreneur plays a big part in making a business successful. From "The $10 Website" to "The Art of Getting an Introduction," ATA members Judy and Dagmar Jenner offer readers a step-by-step guide to developing entrepreneurial skills.

Programs in Translation Studies: An ATA Handbook
A practical handbook for educators in translation studies.

Proceedings of the ATA Annual Conference
Select conference presentations for years 2007 to 2013 are available for purchase in CD format.