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Beacons – A Journal of Literary Translation

In 1992 members of ATA's Literary Division collaborated in the publication of a collection of literary translations. Editor Cliff Landers titled that first volume Beacons, noting the aptness of the metaphor for many reasons — perhaps none more important than that "A beacon communicates from afar, as do these voices as distant in space as Japan, as remote in time as sixth century Arabia."

The success of that first Beacons led volunteers to work together on almost annual publications of literary translations. What had started out as a one time project became almost a tradition.

Beacons X

From the beginning, Beacons has been a work of art lovingly put together by a chain of dedicated editors. In keeping with tradition, the Editorial Board of this issue selected a broad collection of works from Europe and Latin America, and a good bit from Asia. This tenth edition of Beacons, which is dedicated to Geoff Waters, also marks a number of departures from earlier volumes. Among them:

  • Emphasis on the geographical or historical context for contributors rather than the language translated.
  • Two new rubrics, "Introducing," in which a seasoned literary translator introduces an author not well known in the U.S., and "Se Habla Español," intended to reflect the growing importance of the Spanish language in the U.S.
  • Commentaries for many of the contributions — sometimes by the translators, sometimes by the authors.

There is much to discover in this issue of Beacons. And there is no need to wait — I invite you to begin reading now from the linked selections below.

Michele McKay Aynesworth
Editor, Beacons X

Beacons X: Table of Contents

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In the United States of Africa, Abdourahman A. Waberi (Djibouti/France) 3    
Commentary and translation by David Ball and Nicole Ball   Bio David Ball  
    Bio Nicole Ball  

Enheduana: The First Known Author

Seven Temple Hymns, Enheduanna (Sumeria) 15 Bio Enheduanna  
Commentary and translation by Betty De Shong Meador   Bio Betty Meador  

Snapshots of Chinese Poetry: Du Fu, Xin Qiji, Huang Xiang

Commentary by John Balcom 35 Bio John Balcom  
Three Poems by Du Fu 36 Bio Du Fu  
Translation by Steve Bradbury   Bio Bradbury  
More Poems by Du Fu 40  
Translation by Geoff Waters   Bio Xin Qiji  
Three Poems by Xin Qiji 48 Bio Andrighetti  
Translation by Michael Farman   Bio Farman  
Three Poems by Huang Xiang 54  
Translation by Michelle Yeh   Bio Yeh  

Eros in Translation: The Music of Love

Love Songs of the Sixth Dalai Lama, Tsangyang Gyatso (Tibet) 60  
Commentary and translation by Geoff Waters   Bio Waters  
Three Love Songs from Carmina Burana, Anonymous (Medieval Europe) 68  
Commentary and translation by Mark Herman and Ronnie Apter   Bio Herman  
    Bio Apter  
Song-poems in three keys, Lê Pham Lê (Vietnam) 74 Bio Lê  
Commentary and translation by Nancy Arbuthnot   Bio Arbuthnot  

Grit, Grafitti, Stars and Laughter from Latin America

Evolution of a Poet, Mario Benedetti (Uruguay) 81 Bio Benedetti  
Commentary and translation by Louise B. Popkin   Bio Popkin  
The Slaughteryard, Esteban Echeverría (Argentina) 119  
Commentary by Norman Thomas di Giovanni   Bio di Giovanni  
Translation with Susan Ashe   Bio Ashe  
Bed Time Story, Ana María Shua (Argentina) 131 Bio Shua  
Commentary by Ana María Shua and Andrea G. Labinger    
Translation by Andrea G. Labinger   Bio Labinger  
Grafitos, Manuel Gonzalez Prada (Peru) 138 Bio Prada  
Translation by G.J. Racz   Bio Racz  
Bewitched, José Castro Urioste (Peru) 151 Bio Castro Urioste  
Commentary and translation by Enrica Ardemagni   Bio Ardemagni  
Of worms and roots, Matilde Casazola (Bolivia) 157 Bio Casazola  
Commentary and translation by Roseanne Mendoza   Bio Mendoza  

Translating Europe

Interview with Geoffrey Brock, translator of Umberto Eco 175 Bio Brock  
by Traci Andrighetti   Bio Andrighetti  
The Best Part, Diana Lama (Italy) 183 Bio Lama  
Translation by Anne Milano Appel   Bio Appel  
Poems from Les Roses, Rainer Maria Rilke (Austria) 192 Bio Rilke  
Translation from the French by Barbara Collignon   Bio Collignon  
Wandering through the desert, Sandra Santana (Spain) 199 Bio Santana  
Commentary and translation by Ben Van Wyke   Bio Van Wyke  
Excerpt from The Order, Leena Lander (Finland) 211 Bio Lander  
Commentary and translation by Jill Graham Timbers   Bio Timbers  
Shadows on rune stones, Peters Bruveris (Latvia) 220  
Translation by Inara Cedrin   Bio Cedrin  
Manuscripts in tortoiseshell, Mariana Marin (Romania) 229  
Commentary by Adam Sorkin   Bio Sorkin  
Translation with Daniela Hurezanu   Bio Hurezanu  

Se Habla Español

Unlucky Lucky Days, Daniel Grandbois (U.S.) 236 Bio Grandbois  
Traducción de Tony Beckwith y Liliana Valenzuela   Bio Valenzuela  
Aún no nacida, Poemas de Stanley H. Barkan (U.S.) 240 Bio Barkan  
Traducción de Isaac Goldemberg   Bio Goldemberg  
Con pintura en el ojo, Poemas de Robert Cogswell (U.S.) 244 Bio Cogswell  
Traducción de Horacio Peña   Bio Peña  
En la Sala Blue, Poemas de Ames Dee (U.S.) 252  
Comentario de Ames Dee    
Traducción de Carolina Valencia    

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