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Beacons X

From the Editor

Beacons has always been a team effort, and Beacons X was certainly no different. I am very grateful to members of Beacons' Board of Editors for their work on this issue — vetting contributions, suggesting the new "Introducing" (Marian Schwartz) and "Se Habla Espaņol" (Liliana Valenzuela) rubrics, organizing special sections (John Balcom), proofreading (Ingrid Lansford), and other instances too numerous to mention. ~ Michele McKay Aynesworth

Editorial Board

John Balcom (Chinese)
Eva Claeson (Swedish)
Michael Scott Doyle (Spanish)
Marilyn Gaddis Rose (French)
Ingrid Lansford (Danish)
Carol Maier (Spanish)
Doug Robinson (Finnish)
Marian Schwartz (Russian)
Liliana Valenzuela (English into Spanish)