American Translators Association's 64th Annual Conference, October 25-28, 2023, Miami

3-Day Registration

3-Day registration includes all ATA64 sessions and events, unless indicated that additional registration is required. Sessions will not be recorded.

Saturday-Only Registration

Saturday-Only registration includes only those ATA64 sessions and events that take place on Saturday, October 28, 2023. Sessions will not be recorded.

Early Registration Pricing until September 16, 2023


ATA MemberNon-MemberStudent*
3-Day Registration$595$775$295
2-Day Registration$445$585$225
1-Day Registration$275$355$135

Standard Registration Pricing after September 16, 2023


ATA MemberNon-MemberStudent*
3-Day Registration$795$1,045$295
2-Day Registration$595$785$225
1-Day Registration$365$485$135

Late Registration Pricing after October 6, 2023


ATA MemberNon-MemberStudent*
3-Day Registration$995$1,295$295
2-Day Registration$745$975$225
1-Day Registration$455$595$135


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It's time to update your headshots!

This year we have a special treat for all ATA64 attendees. Award-winning photographer and headshot/branding specialist Mayeluz Navarro, owner of Blue Diamond Photography & Videography, is offering on-site headshot services. Get three (3) amazing headshots for $40.00.

To schedule your appointment and provide payment click here.


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