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Getting Started

Setting up for business >>

Everything you ever wanted or needed to know about starting a business at home.

Finding jobs, getting hired >>

Getting your foot in the door, finding that first client—learn practical strategies from successful translators and interpreters.

Determining rates >>

When it comes to rates, most translators and interpreters would like to know that they are in the same ballpark as everyone else.

Getting paid >>

Don't wait until the end of the project to think about this. Before you even begin, get a signed contract or services agreement in place.

Learning more >>

Examine getting started strategies in The Savvy Newcomer, an ATA blog written by working translators and interpreters who have been where you are right now.

Taking Care of Business

Reach out to clients >>

Position yourself as a "go-to" resource for translation buyers and users with ATA's Client Outreach Kit.

Plan your business >>

Analyze your business operations and make informed management decisions with CalPro.

Apply best practices >>

Vet clients, use model contracts, work client relationships, put project management procedures in place—check out ATA resources for best practices. Join ATA's Business Practices listserv.

Invest in networking >>

Expand your network by networking. The ATA Annual Conference is one of your best opportunities to build a strong referral network.

Continue to learn >>

Let your commitment to ongoing education show clients the value you bring to their project.

Tools and Resources

ATA online directories >>

There is no easier way to get your qualifications and experience online. With an ATA directory listing, your business is no longer just one of hundreds in a Google search.

ATA chapters and affiliates >>

Don't ignore local networking. Meeting with colleagues face-to-face at chapter and affiliate events can result in some of your best business relationships.

ATA publications >>

Knowing what you need to know and knowing it well is key to a successful career as a translator or interpreter. ATA publications support your need to know with practical knowledge, information, and resources.

ATA certification >>

Earning ATA certification is a professional milestone for many translators, but it's also an effective means of standing out from the competition.

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