Code of Ethics and Professional Practice

We the members of the American Translators Association accept as our ethical and professional duty:

    1. to convey meaning between people and cultures faithfully, accurately, and impartially;
    2. to hold in confidence any privileged and/or confidential information entrusted to us in the course of our work;
    3. to represent our qualifications, capabilities, and responsibilities honestly and to work always within them;
    4. to enhance those capabilities at every opportunity through continuing education in language, subject field, and professional practice;
    5. to act collegially by sharing knowledge and experience;
    6. to define in advance by mutual agreement, and to abide by, the terms of all business transactions among ourselves and with others;
    7. to ask for and offer due recognition of our work, and compensation commensurate with our abilities; and
    8. to endeavor in good faith to resolve among ourselves any dispute that arises from our professional interactions,

mindful that failure to abide by these principles may harm ourselves, our fellow members, the Association, or those we serve.

As approved by the ATA Board of Directors October 2010

Code Commentary
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Ethics Complaint Procedure
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