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ATA’s Mentoring Program offers matching services to members at different stages in their career. Mentees and mentors benefit from this mutually rewarding program.

This program runs from April through September each year. A total of 30 mentees will be selected through a competitive application process.

Application deadline has passed.

The deadline to submit an application was March 31, 2021. Plan to submit next year when application submissions open in January 2022.

Mentoring Program FAQ

Who may apply for the program?

  • Any ATA member is eligible to apply.

What kind of time commitment is involved? 

  • Mentorships last for six months, with the option of extending to one year.
  • One to two hours per month or more may be required.

What do I need to know?

  • The mentee sets the goals and pace.
  • The mentor and mentee negotiate how the mentorship will play out.
  • Most mentorships are long-distance.

Mentoring is easy ... except when it's not! Find out how the ATA Mentoring Program smoothes the way for mentors and mentees to build successful relationships.

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