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Quick Tips! Get Started on a Style Guide NOW!
By The ATA Chronicle | August 1, 2022

Developing a style guide is essential for translation and localization, but who has time to do it? Find out how creating QuickTips could help you address style and terminology issues right away.

Collaborating with Self-Published Authors: Another Option for Literary Translation
By The ATA Chronicle | July 31, 2022

Can you make money working with self-published authors? Yes! Will you make as much per word as you would if you were translating a chemical patent or financial report? No, probably not, but it can still be worthwhile.

How I Went from Translator to Subtitler in Just a Few Months: Tips to Start You on Your Way
By The ATA Chronicle | July 31, 2022

The pandemic gave me something I desperately needed: a large chunk of time and a good reason to diversify my service offerings. Here’s an outline of the four steps I followed to save my business and quickly transition from translator to subtitler.

Translators and Interpreters Working Together to Create a National Code of Ethics for Educational K-12 Settings
By The ATA Chronicle | July 31, 2022

After years of borrowing from other fields of specialization, translators and interpreters working in K-12 educational settings are coming together to create a code of ethics and standards of practice that takes into account the reality of this environment and how multiple interpreting and translation specializations converge in this space. Find out how a multi-state team of professionals has taken the lead to standardize practice and advance the recognition of the role of professionals in this field.


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