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Demystifying ATA’s Certification Exam: Better Off “Literal” or “Free”?
By The ATA Chronicle | March 22, 2022

A common misconception about ATA’s certification exam is that candidates must translate literally or word-for-word to be successful. Even those who aren’t susceptible to this myth might wonder how much latitude they have when translating a given text. This column will clarify the difference between an excessively literal translation and a precisely accurate one, and…

Enhanced Productivity with Text Expansion
By The ATA Chronicle | March 22, 2022

Note: The following was originally published in Deep Focus, the newsletter of ATA’s Audiovisual Division: I haven’t typed my full name or email address in years. Instead, I type abbreviations that get expanded after I type a punctuation mark or press a trigger key, such as the spacebar or Enter key. I also use…

By The ATA Chronicle | March 22, 2022

Crowdin ( has undergone tremendous change over the years. It has evolved into a company with 65 full-time employees and the focus of its tool has completely shifted. Crowdin is the cloud-based localization management tool that first appeared during the heyday of translation crowdsourcing and offered an inexpensive way to have files in software development…

How to Get Out of a Marketing Rut in Your T&I Business
By The ATA Chronicle | March 22, 2022

So many people would love to make marketing a habit in their translation or interpreting freelance business, but it can be easier said than done. Just like with any skill or habit, good marketing practices take time to develop. And when you find what works for you, what resonates with your clients, and what brings…


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