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Getting Started with Terminology Management

By The ATA Chronicle | May 19, 2021

Terminology management makes or breaks the success of globalization and localization efforts in terms of both budgets and sales. Despite its strategic value, however, many are unaware that terminology is key to producing solid, well-performing products. And once they are aware, many don’t know where to start. If you find yourself needing a little help in this area as well, then read on for some guidelines for getting started with terminology management.

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To Be or Not to Be Certified: The Dilemma for Non-Spanish Interpreters

By The ATA Chronicle | May 19, 2021

In an industry where the majority of professionals are freelancers and where subject matter expertise cannot be easily judged by clients or intermediaries, certification remains…

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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and the Interpreter

By The ATA Chronicle | March 7, 2021

For my first column of 2021, I would like to share something that may sound strange but helped me get through 2020: autonomous sensory meridian…

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How to Blog for 1 Million Visitors: Advanced Blogging Techniques for Language Professionals

January 18, 2012

Attend this ATA webinar and become a power blogger! Learn to how to use your blog to market services, network with colleagues, and establish…

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Documenting Terms, Once and For All

August 14, 2012

Technical communication requires translators to find the right words for standardized terms and names of respective fields. If you’ve done the work once, do…

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Working with Direct Clients

September 20, 2012

So you’ve been translating for a few years and you’ve decided to make this the year you up your game-move into the direct-client market,…

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