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What our members think about ATA

ATA is a huge source of information for me. I feel much better informed about the state of the industry, about technology, about standards, about educational opportunities, about the marketplace, about ethics in the marketplace because of my ATA membership.

- Jennifer G.

The growth I've seen in my career is only part of what ATA means to me. ATA means a home for professionals who are like me as well as those who are different.

- Madalena S.

ATA is my professional bridge. It connects me to colleagues, keeps me informed about the T&I industry, and allows me to play an active role in the future of our profession.

- Matt B.

It's easy to find other people who do what you do, but it's not always easy to find serious professionals. ATA is really the home for that.

- Corinne M.

I owe ATA an enormous debt of gratitude for helping me find my way as to what is possible for a translator, what kind of skills I need, and how to connect with clients. More than anything else, ATA brought out new skills in me that I hadn't really thought of before.

- David R.

One of the reasons I've stayed a member of ATA was that the listing in the Directory more than paid for itself every year, and paid for itself many times over in the case of clients who formed lasting relationships with me.

- Jamie K.

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