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What the Business Practices Education Committee Is Doing for ATA Members

By The ATA Chronicle | July 15, 2021

ATA’s Business Practices Education Committee offers many opportunities for members to get involved, give back to the Association, work with fellow members, and broaden their professional network.

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Why You Need to Keep Swipe Files for Your T&I Business

By The ATA Chronicle | July 15, 2021

Swipe files are something I believe every translator or interpreter should be keeping for their business, regardless of whether they prefer to work with translation/interpreting agencies or direct clients. So, what’s a swipe file? In a nutshell, a swipe file…

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6 Ways to Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Online Marketing Efforts

By The ATA Chronicle | May 19, 2021

We’ve all been guilty of self-sabotage at some point during our entrepreneurial journey. We often make online marketing much harder than it really is. The stories we tell ourselves about why we can’t do something can cause us to stall our marketing efforts, whether we realize it at first or not. The key is to make your marketing feel like you.

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Identifying Your Target Audience

Identifying Your Target Audience: Why Niche Markets Can Boost Your Interpreting Business

Learn how to define your ideal interpreting client and create a laser-focused strategy to stand out in today’s saturated market. If you could define…

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Building a Network

Networking is an essential skill for doing business. Find out how to build and grow your network from two of the best in the…

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Getting and Incorporating Feedback

Yes, you can ask for feedback—and you should! Discover the benefits of this powerful tool. All too often, translators work in a bubble. Many…

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