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Calendar of Translation and Interpreting Events

Do you know of an event that other translators and interpreters should know about? We'd like to know about it, too! Please email the event name, organizing group, and contact or website information to ATA Headquarters.

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June 2019
14-15 Utah Translators & Interpreters Association (UTIA)
2019 Utah Language Access Conference
Connecting Language and Culture
Murray, UT
ATA Approved: 10 CE points

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15 Northwest Translators & Interpreters Society (NOTIS)
Note-Taking for Consecutive Interpreting
Mount Vernon, WA
ATA Approved: 3 CE points

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21-22 Iowa Interpreters & Translators Association (IITA)
15th Annual IITA Annual Conference
Building Linguistic Bridges to Promote Excellence in Communication
Des Moines, IA
ATA Approved: 10 CE points

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22 Austin Area Translators & Interpreters Association (AATIA)
Ethics and Brain Function: Multilingualism & Memory for Court Interpreters
Austin, TX
ATA Approved: 8 CE points

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27 Northwest Translators & Interpreters Society (NOTIS)
Code of Professional Responsibility for Judiciary Interpreters & Transcription
Redmond, WA
ATA Approved: 1 CE point

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28-30 Japan Association of Translators (JAT)
IJET-30 International Japanese-English Translation Conference
Life, Style, and Translation
Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia

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July 2019
13 International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC-USA)
Note-Taking for Consecutive Interpreting Refresher Workshop
San Francisco, CA
ATA Approved: 7 CE points

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31 Delaware Valley Translators Association (DVTA)
ATA Certification Exam Workshop 2019
Philadelphia, PA

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August 2019
3-4 American Translators Association (ATA)
Board of Directors Meeting
Denver, CO

14 Northwest Translators & Interpreters Society (NOTIS)
Code of Professional Responsibility for Judiciary Interpreters & Transcription
Redmond, WA
ATA Approved: 1 CE points

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23-25 Translation Forum Russia
TFR 2019
St. Petersburg, Russia

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September 2019
9-13 European Society for Translation Studies (EST)
EST Congress 2019
Living Translation: People, Processes, Products
Steele, South Africa

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14 Delaware Valley Translators Association (DVTA)
DVTA Annual Summit
Wilmington, DE
ATA Approved: 5 CE points

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14-15 Oregon Society of Translators & Interpreters (OSTI)
OSTI 2019 Conference
Bridges Across Borders
Milwaukie, OR

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20-22 Tennessee Assn of Prof Interpreters & Translators (TAPIT)
TAPIT Annual Conference
Nashville, TN

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26-28 Mediterranean Editors & Translators (MET)
15th MET Meeting
Make it Count: Communicating with Clarity and Concision
Split, Croatia

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27-28 Orange County Department of Education
3rd Annual Interpreters and Translators Conference
Connecting Cultures through Effective Interpretation and Translation
Irvine, CA

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28 Arizona Translators and Interpreters, Inc. (ATI)
2019 ATI Annual Conference
Phoenix, AZ

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28-29 Northwest Translators & Interpreters Society (NOTIS)
NOTIS 2019 Annual Conference and Job Fair
Seattle, WA

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30 Celebrate International Translation Day with ATA!
Take a look at last year's ATA International Translation Day campaign!

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October 2019
23-26 American Translators Association (ATA)
60th Annual Conference #ATA60
Palm Springs, CA
ATA Approved: 10 CE points

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November 2019
6-9 American Medical Writers Association (AMWA)
2019 Medical Writing & Communication Conference
San Diego, CA

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7-10 American Literary Translators Association (ALTA)
ALTA42 Annual Conference
Rochester, NY

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22-24 American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)
2019 Convention & World Languages Expo
Washington, DC

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December 2019

Events highlighted in blue are offered by ATA or by ATA Divisions, Chapters, or Affiliates. ATA calendar listings are available for non-profit associations and institutions only. The group does not need to be an ATA member.