Guide to Services Agreements

services agreement is a standing arrangement covering multiple jobs or assignments. It establishes a structure for an ongoing business relationship, generally between a freelancer and a language services company or direct client. Once signed, the two parties are bound by these terms whether or not a job is assigned.

ATA has developed guides to assist freelancers in reviewing and drafting services agreements. These guides provide a comprehensive outline of contract clauses, terms, and conditions; including compensation and payment, quality assurance, confidentiality, indemnification, dispute resolution, and more.

Guide for Translators

Guide for Interpreters

Model Job Contract

A job contract is a one-time arrangement covering an individual job or assignment. It specifies the details of the work for that job—and only for that job. This template-style form was developed from best practices in the industry and includes standard conditions and terms that should be defined for every job.

Model Job Contract for Translators