Calculate Your Potential Earnings

How much should you charge for your work? This is a great question! When it comes to rates, most translators and interpreters would like to know that they are in the same ballpark as everyone else, and newcomers just want to know what the ballpark is. The best answer? You have to find out how much money you need to earn, and then figure out how much work it takes to earn it.

Calculate Your Monthly Gross Earnings
  Enter the average number of words you will translate in a day
  Enter the amount you will charge per word
  Enter the number of days you will work in a month

Your monthly gross income will be:

Calculate Your Annual Gross Earnings
  Enter the number of days you will work in a week
  Enter the number of weeks you will work in a year

Your annual gross income will be:

One final thing to take into account: this is your annual gross income. You now need to subtract your taxes and other business expenses—or better yet develop a formula using a percentage of your gross income for this calculation—to determine your net earnings.

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