How much do you really know about your business—operating costs? average hourly rate? target income?

US CalPro is a free spreadsheet that can put it all together for you, from costs to earnings to income.

This is way more than a budget. Just plug your numbers into the five interrelated worksheets, and you get a thorough assessment of your business, not someone else’s and not an “I thought I would make” income.

It’s this kind of top-to-bottom analysis that will show you the number of hours you need to work to earn the salary you want to make. And it’s a tool that allows you to ask yourself “what if” I lowered costs or worked more hours or changed my rates.

Originally created for the European market and the Spanish Translators, Copy-Editors, and Interpreters Association (ASETRAD), CalPro has now been Americanized. The development of the US version was led by ATA’s Board of Directors and carried out by volunteers Odile Legeay (chair), Frieda Ruppaner-Lind, Stephanie Cash, and Andrew Steel, with additional help from, among others, Paula Gordon, Jonathan Hine, and Dorothee Racette.

Click to download US CalPro.

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