The goal of this area of the School Outreach Program is to give you quick, convenient access to material you can use in making presentations about the translation and interpreting professions.

The material is organized by grade level. Each level includes What to Say, How to Say It, Extra Credit, and Presentations.

Have you done a school presentation?

We’re always on the lookout for new presentation material. Please email any scripts, outlines, PowerPoint, tips for grade level you want to share to

We have one small disclaimer to make.

These materials were shared by many creative and generous ATA members. Each and every contribution is deeply appreciated. To the best of our knowledge, all of the information contained in these presentation resources is accurate. However, ATA is not responsible for any errors in the contributed material.


Our warmest thanks go to the following contributors:

  • Ruby Aldana
  • Sarah Allen
  • Jean Anderson
  • Trudy Balch
  • Barbara Bell
  • Eve Bodeux
  • George Wayne Braun
  • Lillian Clementi
  • Ted Crump
  • José Daigneault
  • Dagmar Dolatschko
  • Chris Durban
  • Amanda Ennis
  • Astrid Evans
  • Ola Furmanek
  • Sarah Garriott
  • Claudia Giannini-Coll
  • Gisele Grabowsky
  • Jennifer Guernsey
  • Steven Hanley
  • Michèle Hansen
  • Kevin Hendzel
  • Jonathan Hine
  • Paul Hopper
  • Gloria Jaramillo
  • Julie Johnson
  • Marise Lashley
  • Silvia Lee
  • Chris Marquardt
  • Luz McClellan
  • Tracy Miller-Furuichi
  • Rika Mitrik
  • Alisa Newman
  • Kim Olson
  • Dina Paglia
  • Kátia Pirozzi-Iole
  • Manouche Ragsdale
  • Sharon Rapp
  • Tressa Rappold
  • Alexandra Russell
  • Marla Sanchez-Pietton
  • Victor Santamaria
  • Marie-France Schreiber
  • Dana Scruggs
  • John Shaklee
  • Nadia Najarro-Smith
  • Nancy Snyder
  • Jill Sommer
  • Jiri Stejskal
  • Ines Swaney
  • Mary Beth Timmermann
  • M. Eta Trabing
  • Kim Vitray
  • Teresa Waldes
  • Rosario Welle
  • Tess Whitty
  • Molly Yurick
  • Scott Yusman
  • Brian Zahn
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