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ATA-Certified Translator Seal

Purpose of the seal

The ATA-certified translator seal is an excellent quick visual identification of your ATA certification.

How much does the seal cost?

It's free!

What's on the seal?

The seal includes your name, language combination, and unique certification number. It also includes a link to an online ATA verification system that allows a client to confirm your certification.

How do I use the seal?

The seal is a .JPG image that can be used to formally attest your certification in documents related to your work. Some translators use the seal in a certification of accuracy statement. Others have had the seal made into an embosser. How you use it is up to you.

How do I get my seal? >>

Just log in and download.

Certification Benefits

Client recognition

ATA certification is a voluntary credential; as such, it reflects an individual's strong commitment to the profession and its ethical practice—a distinction that can open doors to new business and higher compensation.

CT designation >>

An ATA-certified translator may use the letters CT as a designation of certification status—an effective way to identify yourself as serious about your profession.

Directory listing >>

Users of ATA's Directory of Translators and Interpreters can limit their search results to those members who are ATA-certified—a definite edge in standing out from the competition.

Voting rights >>

ATA voting rights are automatically conferred on translators who pass the certification exam—a powerful opportunity to participate in an election process that helps shape the association's future.

Continuing Education

Continuing education goals

Continuing education—or CE—should be an important part of every professional's career. The continuing education requirement for ATA-certified translators emphasizes this aspect of the program and assures clients that knowledge is not a one-time test.

Recertification purpose

ATA certification is not a "been there, done that" credential. It is part of a program that expects translators to continue to expand their professional knowledge. Recertification through continuing education is one way ATA-certified translators demonstrate their commitment to that principle.

Recertification requirement >>

You must submit 20 hours of continuing education credits every three years in order to retain your ATA certification.

CE opportunities >>

Continuing education does not have to be expensive! Learn how to request CE points for a non-ATA educational event.