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ATA's flagship publication >>

The ATA Chronicle is the official publication of the American Translators Association. Each issue of the magazine offers resources and practical solutions to challenges facing translators and interpreters.


Chronicle-Online >>

Please be sure to check out the Chronicle-Online. This site’s dynamic programming provides readability on mobile devices and full indexing of past issues. Besides current and past issues, the site also features bonus material not found in the print magazine, including the “Translation Inquirer” and “Humor and Translation” columns.

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Member benefit >>

A subscription to The Chronicle is an invaluable benefit of ATA membership. Members also have access to the magazine's archives.

Digital edition >>

ATA members can read a digital edition of The Chronicle on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Readers using this online version can search, underline, bookmark, and add notes. No app download needed.

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With nearly 11,000 members and counting, ATA offers advertisers a unique opportunity to market directly to their specific audience: translators, interpreters, and language services providers.

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Gain recognition in the industry by sharing your unique knowledge and experience. The ATA Chronicle welcomes original articles of interest to the fields of translation and interpreting.

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ATA publications offer translators and interpreters dependable education and resources