You can also get the app by scanning this QR code with your smartphone.

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Mobile App

-This FREE app will put the entire conference (and SO much more) at your fingertips. It is also an exciting tool you can use to connect with other attendees.
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Who can get the app?
-You must be registered for the conference to receive the username and password needed to log into the app. register now
-If you have already registered for the conference, you will be receiving your username and password.

How can I get the app?
-Select your device and follow the instructions to install or view the app.
Search the App Store for "ATA 2012"
Search the Play Store for "ATA 2012"
In your phone's browser, enter
Mobile Web:
In your phone's browser, enter

What if I don’t have a smartphone?
-The app can also be viewed through your web browser by clicking here.

-Once you log into the app, go to the “MyProfile” section to edit your profile and select your "Matchmaking" attributes.
-After saving your profile, your information will appear in the Attendee Network so other attendees can find you.
-Also, you can use the Matchmaking* function to get matched with attendees who have chosen similar attributes.

*The Matchmaking function is available on iPhone/iPad and Android/Tablet only. If you do not have those devices, make sure to select your Matchmaking attributes so that others can be matched with you.

Learn more about the Attendee Network by clicking here.

What are some features of the app?

Use it as a session guide
  Use it as a networking tool
Easily browse schedule, abstracts, and bios
Create a personal schedule
View handouts and slides
Submit evaluations instantly
Contact speakers with follow-up questions
  Connect instantly with your fellow attendees
Click to call or email for a meeting or lunch date
View attendee résumés, bios, and websites
Check in with Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn—all
  integrated within the app to keep you in touch

Use it to connect with exhibitors & sponsors
  Use it for much more
Create your own list of booths to visit
Use interactive floor plans to locate booths
View company profiles and contact information
Click to call, email, or visit company website
  Receive schedule updates as they happen
Create meetings and add them to your schedule
Find places to eat or visit and view map location
Use keywords to search the entire app

What’s the BEST part?
-The app is available BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the conference so you can take advantage of its features beyond the actual conference.

Experiencing technical difficulties?
-Click the “Support” icon within the Mobile App or contact

A helpful tip for the Mobile App:
-New attendees are being added constantly, so be sure to sync the app on your mobile device or click “refresh” in your web browser.
-For mobile devices, the sync icon is located on the main screen. For iPhones/iPads and Androids, the icon is two arrows and is located in the lower left hand corner. For Blackberries, the icon says “Sync.”

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