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-This FREE app puts the entire conference at your fingertips and lets you connect with attendees like never before.

What devices can I use?
- Laptop or desktop computer
iPhone or iPad, Blackberry, Android
   phone or tablet
- Any mobile device with a browser

Who can get the app?
-Only registered attendees can access the app. Once registered, you will receive an email with your username and password. Register Now!

-How can I get the app?
-Using your computer or mobile device, simply visit
- Conference App
- ATA eConference
- Resources for First-Timers
- Promote Yourself
- CE Credit

Need help?
-Check out these tips for using all the app features!

You can also get the app
by scanning this QR code
with your smartphone.
Why should I use the app?

•  Browse session schedule, abstracts, and bios
 Create your own personal schedule
 View handouts and slides
 Submit evaluations instantly

•  Upload your résumé to share with attendees
•  See the list of attendees before you arrive
•  Click to call or email your fellow attendees
•  Check in with Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn
Exhibitors & Sponsors:
•  Create your own list of booths to visit
•  Use interactive floor plans to locate booths
•  View company profiles and contact information
•  Click to call, email, or visit company website

More Features:
•  Receive schedule updates as they happen
•  Create meetings and add them to your calendar
•  Find places to eat or visit and view map location
•  Use keywords to search the entire app

What’s the BEST part?

-The app will be available BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the conference so you can take advantage of its features beyond the actual conference.

Tips for Using the Conference App

Set up your "MyProfile"
-1) Go to "MyProfile" to edit your listing in the "Attendees" section. ATA has entered your basic information, but you can include much more or change what has already been entered.

2) Click "Edit" to do the following:
   - Enter your contact information
   - Upload your photo
   - Submit your Matchmaking selections
   - Learn how to upload your résumé
3) Click "Save Profile" so your details will appear in the Attendee section

-Use this feature to find attendees that work in the languages you need.
-1) Go to the "Attendees" section
2) Click the "MatchMkg" button
3) Select Interpreter, Translator, or Language Services Company, plus any and all languages
4) Click "Done" to see the attendees you're looking for!

Experiencing technical difficulties?
-Click the “Support” icon or contact

Additional Tips:

New attendees are being added daily, so be sure to sync the app on your mobile device or click “refresh” on your web browser.

The app can also be used on multiple devices. Download it to your iPhone and iPad, while also viewing it on your computer. Use the same username and password so information will be shared between devices.
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