Our IT team is preparing for the final launch of our new Association Management System (AMS).

During the data transition and evaluation process, some areas of the system will have limited availability. When the new system’s data has been confirmed, the AMS will go live.

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ATA's Language Services Directory includes more than 7,000 individuals and companies offering professional translation and interpreting services.

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A freelance translator or interpreter can give you the one-to-one working relationship you want for your job.

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Larger projects involving multiple languages may require the help of a language services company.

What's the difference?

Translators do the writing. Interpreters do the talking. ATA helps you find the right language professional.

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Can I afford to hire a professional?

You can’t afford NOT to. Poor translation and interpreting services can be disastrous for your business. See what’s at stake.

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The ATA Compass

Our outreach publication provides up-to-date information and resources about the translating and interpreting industry.

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Buying Language Services

Download our free mini guides that help you navigate the process of hiring and working with a language professional. They are available in multiple languages.

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Can't a computer do all this?

There are times when machine translation is useful, and times when it's not. Learn when to use Google Translate, and when to hire a professional.

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