Division Officers

Each division is led by an elected administrator and assistant administrator. While job duties may vary slightly from division to division, officers are primarily responsible for developing a Leadership Council team to publish newsletters and blogs, create content for the group's website, assist the ATA Annual Conference organizer in speaker selection, and organize the division's annual networking event.

Division Leadership Councils

Each division has a Leadership Council responsible for the group's functions and activities. A Leadership Council typically includes the administrator and assistant administrator, webmaster, newsletter editor, online forum moderator, and conference coordinator.

Some divisions may find it helpful to have larger Leadership Councils, while others may prefer to keep them small or have fewer volunteers. Each administrator is free to decide how to set up the Leadership Council in order to serve members best.

In addition to providing critical support to a division, participation in a Leadership Council is an opportunity for volunteers to develop professional skills and gain recognition in the translation and interpreting communities.

Division Elections

Division elections occur every two years. The election procedures are the same for all ATA divisions: a Nominating Committee proposes a slate of candidates; the slate and candidate statements are published and broadcast to division members; additional candidates to the slate are accepted; and elections are held by acclamation or ballot. Election results are announced at the division's Annual Meeting.

Annual Meeting of the Division

Each division holds an Annual Meeting during the ATA Annual Conference. The meeting's purpose is to hear division leadership reports and discuss division business. In a division's election year, the elected administrator and assistant administrator are announced during the meeting.

Governing Policy

This standard governing policy applies to all divisions. The policy outlines the purpose of divisions, as well as their elections and policies.

Division Handbook

This handbook provides assistance to division leadership for organizing and managing their divisions. It explains how to best achieve the goals and responsibilities of their division.

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