Aicha Fischel


Professional linguist, detail oriented translator/interpreter. I specialize in legal, medical, academic and technical translation services. I also provide scripts, and subtitles translation for media and film companies. I'm fluent and proficient in French, Arabic (native speaker in both languages), and English (native/bilingual level 5 proficiency). In addition to Translation services, I do specialize in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services as well for conferences, events, schools and more! I do on-site, OPI and Zoom/video Interpreting services. I’m currently working as a medical Interpreter (in-person) in the Sacramento, California area. Proofreading is an essential part of my job as I make sure all my translated documents are error-free and up to standards to meet or exceed my client's expectations! I’m from a Scientific background (hold a Masters degree in Environmental Geosciences) but i have been working in the translation and interpreting industry for over 6 years, studied both the French and Arabic languages back in Morocco for over 15 years since elementary school. I love helping clients get accurate, clear and high standards translation/interpreting services. I’m also a published author and my first sci-fi/Fantasy novel (An Echo From Gaea) is available online on the book venture publishing website. Are you on a budget? No problem! I offer budget friendly flat rates for clients who can’t afford paying per word or per hour rates. I look forward to providing you with the service you deserve!

Language Pairs

- English
- French
- Arabic
- French
- Arabic
- English

Translating Services

Desktop PublishingDubbing/SubtitlingEditingProofreadingTranslating

Translating Tools

Bing TranslatorCafeTranGeoWorkz Translation WorkspaceMatecat

Translating - Areas of Specialization

Business - Accounting & auditingBusiness - Advertising & public relationsBusiness - BankingBusiness - Economics & financeBusiness - InsuranceBusiness - MarketingBusiness - Printing & publishingBusiness - Stock marketComputers - Computer hardwareComputers - Computer systems analysisComputers - Software localizationEngineering - Civil & hydraulic engineeringEntertainment - FilmEntertainment - MultimediaEntertainment - MusicEntertainment - SportsEntertainment - Television & radioEntertainment - TheaterEntertainment - Video gameIndustry & Technology - AgricultureIndustry & Technology - Aquaculture & fishingIndustry & Technology - Automotive industryIndustry & Technology - Machinery & toolsIndustry & Technology - Military & weaponsIndustry & Technology - Mining & mineralsIndustry & Technology - Paper & pulpLaw - Banking & financial lawLaw - ContractsLaw - Corporate lawLaw - Patents, trademarks, & copyrightsLaw - Personal injury lawLaw - Tax lawMedicine - Anatomy & physiologyMedicine - GeneticsMedicine - Health careMedicine - ImmunologyMedicine - Nontraditional medicineMedicine - NutritionMedicine - PharmaceuticalsMedicine - PsychiatryNatural Sciences - Ecology & environmental scienceNatural Sciences - ForestryNatural Sciences - GeologyNatural Sciences - GeophysicsNatural Sciences - OceanographyNatural Sciences - Zoology & entomologyPure Sciences - AstronomyPure Sciences - ChemistryPure Sciences - Metallurgy

Interpreting Methods

In-personOver-the-phone interpreting (OPI)Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI)Video remote interpreting (VRI)Whispered interpreting (chuchotage)

Interpreting Services


Translator, Interpreter



Primary Phone

(347) 549-6893


United States

Years in Business

1 - 5 years

Education Level