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Through my company AMC Communication, I serve clientele who desire to stand out in the global marketplace and are therefore in search of an experienced professional to provide support for their French to English language services needs.

My goal is to relay their messages with precision, and bring them into focus through the editing and revising process. I strive to produce communications in English that are authentic, clear, and a faithful reflection of the client’s identity, with particular attention to consistency in phrasing and terms throughout all the texts I work on.

I got my start in 2007 as an in-house translator, liaison interpreter and project coordinator working on critical path maintenance projects in the French nuclear industry. The majority of the translations I did in that five-year period involved technical, commercial, and quality & safety-related documents.

When I moved to Marseille in 2012, I discovered the offshore/Oil & Gas and building-public works industries through positions in business development and communications, for French companies performing projects abroad.

In 2015, I began freelancing, and widened my scope to include corporate communications in order to support French-speaking businesses intent on conquering international markets. I particularly enjoy the variety of contacts and clients that I have the opportunity to meet locally and developing the client relationship.

In addition to translation and revising, since 2017 I’ve added the following services to my offer:

*Subtitling * Transcription (primarily English source, and under certain circumstances, French * Certified translation of vital records and official documents * Copy Editing and proofreading for technical magazines and online publications * Transcreation * Academic Editing * Post-editing of Machine Translation

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