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As a recent graduate from the University of Portsmouth, I hold the degree of Master of Arts in Translation Studies, which combines the abilities of a full command of the languages involved, in my case English and Spanish, and a competence in translation, theory and research skills as a cross-cultural communication professional who is highly trained in every aspect of both languages. Subtitling has been the field where I have professionally developed for over twenty years in leading United States-based content companies and my work has given me as much experience as one can get in the audiovisual industry, which is expressly imbued with inherent culture-bound challenges thereby pushing us translators to gain knowledge, apply strategies and master resources that can ensure our involvement in a transmission process acting as the quintessential bridge and cultural mediator between different linguistic systems. On 2015, I completed the Universitat de Barcelona's Spanish Proofreading and Style Program, a polycentric consideration of language to activate or enhance skills in correcting literary, poetic and other types of texts by means of linguistic analysis and evaluation. Professionally, years of collaboration at Technicolor earned me over a decade ago the position of proofreader. On 2014, Netflix hired me as part of its internal Quality Control providers team to review external translations. In all my years in the business, my work has consisted in generating content in Spanish as the target language on all types of content given audiovisual material can come in the form of a feature film, a series, a documentary or even DVD or Bluray bonus pieces, which, regardless of the main topic presented, in any discipline, usually entails very technical jargon. All of the above has qualified me as a specialist in Latin American Spanish localization, too. As an eager professional, I never cease to pursue personal progress and to expand my range of expertise.

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