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About Me

Hello! I'm Anastasia Giagopoulou, your go-to linguistic maestro with over 18 years of weaving words into magical translations. Picture this: your brand, jet-setting across the globe, effortlessly speaking the language of your English / Greek speaking potential customers. That's where I come in!

Now, let's talk tough nuts to crack – translation. It's not just about converting words; it's about capturing the essence, the vibe, the very soul of your message. Ever felt like your website was lost in translation limbo? Or maybe you're on a quest to find a translator who not only gets your brand but dances to its tone? What about that user manual playing hard to get? Fear not, for I've got the linguistic magic wand to untangle it all.

Why have I been acing this translation game for nearly two decades? Because I'm not just in the business; I'm in love with it. I've got the passion, the know-how, and a knack for turning linguistic jungles into a symphony of simplicity.

Let's join forces, and I'll make sure your message doesn't just travel but triumphs in the global arena.

Career Highlights

• Creative translator and creative reviewer for Nike since 2015

• Certified in Content Marketing

• Special commendation in the Best performance on a translation assignment class on the ITI Awards 2021, for the transcreation from EN > EL of a personalized book for children

• Guest speaker at the Department of Translation and Intercultural Studies, AUTh, Greece, Seminar on the digital presence and basic SEO techniques for freelance translators

• Panhellenic Association of Translators (PEM), Secretary General (2020-ToDate)

Why You Need Me

• Here is my website InGreek Translations to find out how I can help your business grow.

• Some Client Love.

• Dive in in my Portfolio section for some samples of my work.

Ready to turn the world into your playground? Let's make it happen!

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Business - Advertising & public relationsBusiness - Hotel managementBusiness - MarketingBusiness - Travel & tourismComputers - Computer hardwareComputers - Software localizationIndustry & Technology - Automotive industryIndustry & Technology - CosmeticsIndustry & Technology - ElectronicsIndustry & Technology - Machinery & tools




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