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Independent Translator 🙢  Patent Translation Specialist 🙢 Expert Witness on Translation

US Patent and Trademark Office Registered Patent Agent

Recipient of the 2017 S. Edmund Berger Prize for Excellence in Scientific and Technical Translation

Patent Translation Specialist

Premium-quality translations of patents, matters before the EPO Opposition Division, French patent litigation

I am an expert in the domains of physics, astronomy, organic chemistry (pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and compositions) and mathematics, and also telecommunications. I have a broad working knowledge in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

I have translated over 520 French and European patents and I have translated briefs and arguments presented to the European Patent Office Opposition Division and Boards of Appeal and decisions issued by them. Therefore I have particular experience with the writing styles and conventions used in preparing French and European patent applications, and used in arguing their merits. I have in-depth knowledge of relevant sections of the European Patent Convention and French Code du propriété industriel and I am a USPTO Registered Patent Agent.

Expert Witness on Translation

Whether it involves prosecution, litigation or inter partes review, an accurate translation of your patent or supporting evidence is an essential part of presenting your case. Recognizing inaccuracies in opposing counsel’s translation of evidence is also essential to your case.
How can you know whether the translation you are relying on accurately reflects the subject matter and content of your French-language patent or evidence? What about the translation that opposing counsel is relying on for their evidence? Does that translation have an inaccuracy that changes whether the evidence is prejudicial once accurately translated and understood?

In these critical situations, you need an experienced translator working with you and qualified to provide declarations and testimony under oath. You need an expert witness on translation.

For translations from French to English, I am qualified to discuss with you and testify under oath about a wide range of issues from general strategies and approaches to translation, to researching and documenting terminology and sentence structure, and to going deep into the details of nuance and shades of meaning in French and English. I am also a registered patent agent so I can connect linguistic considerations and potential evidence in French-language documents to issues of patentability, claim construction, enablement, clarity and conciseness.

I provide relevant statements and declarations, including statements of accuracy required by Title 37 CFR 1.52(d)(1). I have provided declarations in two cases and a deposition in one of these cases.

Preparation of Preliminary Amendments for Patents Translated from French

I am both a master translator and a registered Patent Agent so I may prepare translations of patent applications drafted in French and prepare a separate preliminary amendment of the patent application for filing with the USPTO.

Offered as a companion to translation of a PCT patent application for entry into the US national stage, this service identifies and corrects these informalities leading to preparation of a document that can be filed as a preliminary amendment. Attention is given to claim construction and mapping, multiple dependencies are eliminated, incorrect reference numbers are corrected, the specification is revised to meet MPEP 608.01, patent drafting issues related to grammar and to semantic clarity (identified during translation and which were accurately translated) are corrected.

Henri Poincaré

Ask me about my parallel career in history of physics and my books!

BA, magna cum laude, 1979 Cornell University, Physics

PhD 1985 Harvard University, Astronomy

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