Chie Inumaru


Have expertise in the fields of Pharmaceutical Research, Medicine, Medical Journals, Medical Abstracts, Medical Instruments, Clinical Studies (Trials), MSDS, Localization, Biochemistry, Immunology, Biology, Radiology, Toxicology, Microbiology, and Environmental Sciences
*Have a doctoral (Ph.D.) degree in Health Sciences
*Qualified pharmacist in Japan
*Passed Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalence Exam in USA
*Fluent in Japanese (native language) and English
*Proficient in the use of TRADOS 2007
*Experienced in format journals


[Medical Devices/Diagnostics]
-Pulse Oxymeter (User’s guide)
-Bioluminescence Instruments (User’s guide)
-Automatic External Defibrillator (Operator’s manual)
-Neurosurgery devices (Instruction for use)
-Alligator Retrieval Device (Instruction for use)
-Optical laser system (Training manual)
-Ventricular pacing management system (User’s manual)
-Cardiac trigger monitor (Operator’s manual)
-Endoscopic devices (User’s manual)
-Power medical devices (Instruction for use)
-X-ray mobile devices (Operator’s manuals)
-Radiation image systems (Operator’s manuals, various issues)
-Nuclear medicine scanner imaging system (User’s manual)
-Gastric diagnostic devices (Operator’s manuals)
-Surgical skin marker (Instruction for use)
- Image injection system (User’s guide)
-Surgical materials (Instructions for use and technical reports for various devices)
-Fetus monitoring system (Academic paper)
-Artificial joint system (Instruction for use)
-Pneumatic walker system (Instruction for use)
-Endovascular devices (User’s manuals)
-Electrosurgical radiofrequency generator (User’s manual)
-Gastrointestinal device (Instruction for use)
-Bone tissue removal kits (Instruction for use)
-Operating room equipments (Instructions for use)

[Clinical Study, Pharmaceutical]
-Clinical trial for cancer treatment drug
News release for pharmaceutical company
-Research papers including metabolic problems, dialysis, diabetes, etc.
-Hospital reports
-Technical date sheets for various medicines
-MSDSs for drugs and chemicals
-Pharmaceutical research papers for various medicines
-Clinical trials for Alzheimer’s diseases (Data clarification forms, Case report forms)
-Research papers for Alzheimer’s diseases (Phase II clinical trial)
-Clinical study for long-term administration
-Research report for Health care company
-Patient handbook, Understanding myelodysplastic syndromes
-Organism Taxa text book, Antibiotics
-Physicians’ reports for dyslipidemia and atheroscierotic treatment
-Clinical study for the treatment of schizophrenia
- Implementation report of drugs for osteoporosis
-Research papers and reports of firocoxib and carprofen
-Clinical trial for analgesic agents
-Clinical trial with Interactive Voice Response Services (IVRS)

-Software localization of monitoring system for bioassay analysis
-General Catalog of biotechnology
-Technical report for fuel cell company
-Company reports for a pharmaceutical company
-Technical data for stationary company
-Scientific report for sterile method
-Technical report for anti-fog solutions
-Medical certifications (Health certification)
-Magazines for scientific publish company
-Technical journals in the field of biology, chemistry, pharmacy, and civil engineering for the Department of Education and Biology, Purdue University
-Academic research papers used in classes for the University of British Columbia
-Medical and pharmaceutical documents and pamphlets for University hospitals
-Scientific paper for bird-flu
-Survey for a dental hygiene company

-Company policy for Pharmaceutical company
-Online survey for a stationary company
-Online survey for a Computer hardware company
-Media statement for a bath/utility company
-Various certifications including marriage, driver’s license, school graduations, etc.
-Technical reports for various companies including tire manufacturing, publishings, and civil engineering related
-Manufacturing manuals for an appliance company
-Financial reports for a financial company
Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences,
Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana, USA)

Master of Education in Environmental Sciences,
Gannon University (Erie, Pennsylvania, USA)

Environmental pollution control and toxicology courses, University of British Columbia (Vancouver, B.C. Canada)

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Meiji Pharmaceutical University (Tokyo, Japan)

Language Pairs

- English
- Japanese

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Computers - Software localizationIndustry & Technology - CosmeticsLaw - Patents, trademarks, & copyrightsMedicine - Anatomy & physiologyMedicine - GeneticsMedicine - ImmunologyMedicine - Instruments, medicalMedicine - NutritionMedicine - PharmaceuticalsMedicine - RadiologyNatural Sciences - BiochemistryPure Sciences - Chemistry

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