Diane Grosklaus Whitty


My clients describe me as "reliable," "responsive," "thorough," "committed," and "prompt"

* Native English speaker with 23-year residency in Brazil (1976-1999)

* Certified by the American Translator's Association and by ProZ in Portuguese>English

* Core certification as a Healthcare Interpreter from CCHI

* Free-lance translator since 1984

* Instructor of Portuguese>English translation at the Pontifical Catholic University, PUC/Rio, 1997

* Translator/Interpreter, Australian Consulate General, Rio de Janeiro, 1982-87

* Currently Translation Consultant for Histórias, Ciências, Saúde - Manguinhos, an academic journal in the history of the sciences and health.

Examples of some of my favorite projects have included:

Zika: From the Brazilian Backlands to Global Threat, London: ZED Press, 2017, by Debora Diniz

The Sanitation of Brazil: Nation, State, and Public Health, 1889-1930, University of Illinois Press, 2016, by Gilberto Hochman

Activist Biology: The National Museum, Politics, and Nation Building in Brazil, University of Arizona Press, 2016, by Regina Horta Duarte

O Diabo e a Terra de Santa Cruz ::: The Devil and the Land of the Holy Cross: Witchcraft, Slavery, and Popular Religion in Colonial Brazil, Companhia das Letras, 1995 ::: Univ. of Texas Press, Austin, 2004, by Prof. Laura de Mello e Souza, Universidade de S√£o Paulo

Yiddishe Kop: Creative Problem Solving in Jewish Learning, Lore, and Humor, Shambhala Publications, 1999, by Rabbi Nilton Bonder

Affonso Romano de Sant’anna´s Barroco -- a alma do Brasil ::: Baroque: the soul of Brazil,

Rio: 360 degrees, Priuli & Verlucca, Editori, & Comunicação Máxima, 1997. Photographs and architecture of Rio, introduction by Marina Colasanti; historical and architectural texts by Augusto Ivan de Freitas Pinheiro.

Sem Camisinha N√£o D√° ::: No Rubber, No Way! Video documentary on street children and AIDS, by Sergio Goldenberg. Translation of scripts and subtitling.

Caderno H ::: Chew Me Up Slowly, by poet Mario Quintana.

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