Dmitry Beschetny


I’m a Moscow-based ATA-certified translator, lawyer-linguist and court interpreter with a university degree in law, working with clients from across the globe in settings where the quality of language services is critically important.

If you delegate me a task, you can expect me to provide efficient and hassle-free Russian translations and interpretation services across various legal settings and for a range of business activities.
Whether you seek in-person or remote language assistance while negotiating a contract with Russian-speaking partners, have need to translate confidential and sensitive documents that may be introduced into evidence or transmitted to other parties, communicate with Russian-speaking attorneys, notaries, tax advisers, authorities and private clients or are undertaking a trial and need assistance with legal documents, I can assist you.

I have an extensive experience in the legal field and solid understanding of legal terminology and court procedures and as a lawyer-linguist, I also provide advice related to the terminology, syntax, phraseology, phrasing and style that are appropriate to legal language and, specifically, to the subjects dealt with within the context of bilingual legal papers, and comparison services to ensure the equivalency of the English and Russian versions.

As I work into my native language, my translations and interpretations do not contain awkward expressions that could mark them distinctly as translations. Thus, my translations are smooth and seamless, just as you expect them to be.

Legal settings involve communication with law enforcement officers and attorneys, judicial proceedings from arraignments, through motions, trials, and sentences, as well as negotiations for contracts. Primarily focusing on translating court transcripts, witness statements and depositions, wills and testaments and notary deeds, laws and regulations, contracts, corporate or government proposals, I also translate official documents including passports, birth certificates and other vital records, divorce papers, educational credentials, bank statements, and police records, among others, providing my clients with an accurate translation of equal legal and official validity as the original.

Besides having academic qualifications in translation, I hold a master’s degree in law and a master’s degree in humanities and social sciences, also having extensive experience in criminal investigation and public prosecution as a district attorney, an in-house lawyer and a legal counsel with law firms, before turning my previous career into area of specialization in the language service industry.

Also helpful in translating, editing and formatting your legal research papers to the highest quality so that they are ready for publication.

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