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Based in Seattle, Washington, Dynamic Language Center maintains a position in the Pacific Northwest as a leading supplier of language services.

Dynamic offers localization, translation, desktop publishing, and interpreting services in over 90 languages, serving clientele worldwide. Using the latest translation technology (including Translation Memory and Machine Translation), Dynamic maintains a reputation of providing top quality services in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Translations for corporate and government clients include:
·aerospace, agricultural, medical, scientific, electronic, and technical operating instructions,
·software support materials (both on-line and printed manuals),
·product labeling and screen displays,
·product specifications, brochures, data sheets, catalogs, and advertising/marketing materials,
·business correspondence and business cards.

Dynamic can localize an entire product line, including help files, screen messages, quick reference materials, labeling, operating instructions, service manuals, brochures, web material, and data sheets. Product localization requires a high level of quality control to maintain accuracy and the consistent use of terminology. Dynamic's thorough methodology ensures that.

Dynamic provides interpreting services for international corporations, the court systems, law firms, foreign, federal, state, and local governments, hospitals, and other institutions. Interpreting in person or by telephone is available at your convenience 24 hours a day. Dynamic offers both foreign language and sign language interpreting.

-Graphic Design
Dynamic has a staff of highly qualified graphic designers, illustrators, and publishing specialists working with the latest design tools on both Mac and Windows platforms, providing services, such as:
·Multilingual Layout matching/fitting
·Digital Pre-Press Production
·Editing of virtually any Tagged document format including HTML, XML, ASP, etc.

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