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Eduardo Berinstein is certified as a translator by the American Translators Association and as an interpreter by the U.S. Federal Courts. He served as Director of Interpreting Services at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (1999-2006) where he was also responsible for developing patient education materials in Spanish. He was previously Director of Interpreter Services at Children’s Hospital Boston (1993-1999), where he started the hospital’s multilingual interpreter service. Prior to this, he served as a translator and interpreter for Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He has interpreted at numerous international conferences and events, including interpreting live for Radio Bilingüe (part of the San Francisco-based National Latino Public Radio Network, with more than 60 affiliates on the West Coast) the nomination acceptance speeches of John Kerry and John Edwards at the Democratic Party National Convention (2004); the speech of Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico, at the Kennedy School of Government (February 2008); and the speech of Felipe Gonzalez, Prime Minister of Spain, as guest lecturer at Harvard University (1988). Mr. Berinstein served as Chairperson of the Massachusetts Medical Interpreters Association’s Education Committee. He was part of the MMIA Committee that developed the first Standards of Practice for Medical Interpreters, adopted by the MMIA in 1995 and later by many professional organizations nationwide. Since 2006 he teaches an Introduction to Communication and Translation class at Boston University. He has taught medical interpreting at the training institute offered by the National Center for Interpretation in Tucson, University of Arizona; as well as at Cambridge College and Bentley College. Mr. Berinstein holds more than 20 years of experience as interpreter and translator and interpreter trainer.

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