Frederick Harriman


Frederick Stimson Harriman
Interpreter and Translator of Japanese and Spanish Resume as of: March 29, 2018
9333 SW Harbor Dr.
Vashon, WA 98070 USA
iPhone: (530) 277-3733
On-site Japanese and Spanish Interpreting, translation, document review, etc.
Simultaneous or Consecutive Interpreting for: Depositions, Meetings, Conferences, etc.
Qualifications & Experience
Qualified Contract Interpreter and translator of Japanese for the US Department of State as of 2008, with necessary security background checks completed.
Certified Medical Interpreter for Spanish with Washington State Department of Social and Health Services – ID# MC53706
Registered Court Interpreter for Japanese with Washington State Courts – ID#10860 – Registration requires background check and affirmation of ethical standards set by WA State Law.
Most Recent
Assignments in 2017 and to date (City, State — End Client: Description)
 Seattle, WA — Local law firm: Consecutive Japanese interpreting for depositions regarding personal injury claims in high profile automobile accident case.
 Bothell and Bellevue, WA — Big data processing software development firm: Japanese interpreting for business meetings pitching products and services to major Japanese communications firm.
 USA, Washington DC, Pensacola FL, St. Louis MO, Denver CO – US Department of State: Interpreting Japanese for visit to US of Japanese Court Officers and Clinical Psychologists to confer with counterparts and experts regarding international parental child abductions.
 Japan, various locations – US Food and Drug Administration: Japanese interpreting for FDA investigators observing processes of food items imported to the US from Japan.
 Vancouver, BC, Canada – Government of Canada: Japanese conference interpreting for Ministerial level meeting on the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula.
 Seattle, WA – National law firm: 11 months of Japanese document review and translation, Japanese interpreting for client meetings and deposition preparation regarding case involving technical matters.
From 1983 to 2017
Using my facility in Spanish and Japanese, I have accepted translation, interpreting and liaison work in both languages for more than 3 decades and have done this work in many countries and in many different settings. It is difficult to detail all the different assignments I have completed, but the following focuses will aid in describing my experience:
 Government: Assignments for Japanese interpreting and translation – interpreted for President Obama at the ASEAN Conference of 2011 as well as for other high-level meetings and ceremonies. Topics include military and security, social issues and education, diplomacy, local government, etc.
 General Manufacturing: Manual Translation, Technical Publication and Patent Translation, Shop Floor Interpreting. Well versed in Toyota Production System Kaizen.
 Radio and Television: Regular radio program hosting and scrip preparation in Japanese, TV documentary production coordination, interpreting, and translation
 Business Liaison: Aiding in correspondence, sales, research, and general relationship maintenance.
 Legal: Document review, translation, and interpreting for matters minor and major in both Japanese and Spanish
Freelance: I will readily accept assignments that require travel and on-site work for long periods of time.
Dartmouth College, BA, 1975
Other Previous Assignments
Assignments in 2017 (City, State — End Client: Description)
 Washington, DC and Orange County, CA – US Department of State: Simultaneous and Consecutive Japanese Interpreting for Japanese delegation of local elected officials visiting US counterparts, think tanks, and other organizations relating to local government in the US.
 Japan, various locations – US Food and Drug Administration: Consecutive Japanese interpreting for FDA investigators observing processes of food items imported to the US from Japan.
 Honolulu, HI – US Department of State: Japanese Conference Interpreting (Simultaneous) for The Kahala Post Group’s regular conference on global coordination and harmonization efforts between postal agencies.
 Seattle, WA – Local law firm: Consecutive Spanish Interpreting for various cases regarding auto accident insurance claims and interpreting for mediation hearing.

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