Ileana Luque


I am a freelance translator from Argentina with 20 years of experience in Life Sciences. I specialize in all stages of the Linguistic Validation process for PROs, including cognitive debriefing, and in plain language writing. I hold a BA in English Translation, a BA in English Teaching, a BA in Portuguese Teaching (Argentina), a Specialization in English-Portuguese Translation (Brazil) and a Master in Medical Translation (Spain). I have experience in translating wide range of technical and scientific documents, both patient and specialist-facing, ranging from package inserts, health factsheets and brochures, pharmaceutical regulatory material, COAs, IFUs and user guides, product SDS and TDS, medical printed publications to scientific original articles. I provide related linguistic services such as translatability assessment, in-country review, usability testing and terminology review. I also teach two undergraduate translator-training courses (Technical Translation and Scientific Translation) and two graduate courses at the Specialization in Scientific and Technical Translation (Texts Specialized in Technology Texts Specialized in Natural Sciences) at university. I am a member of Tremédica, Abrates and AATI. I am ATA-certified in English>Spanish and Abrates-certified in Portuguese>Spanish.

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